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Tommy, 2 ½

Thinking Bigger,

2021-2022 Annual Report

You are the reason children and families across Québec can continue to rely on the highest standards of health care. And, together, we can keep thinking bigger. For them. Thank you for being there to help Sainte-Justine uphold this tradition of excellence all year long!

Thinking Bigger, Together

Dear Generous Friends of Sainte-Justine,

I think you’ll agree: if 2021–2022 showed us anything, it’s that, when faced with adversity, human beings ultimately rise to the challenge and adapt. Global events continued to keep us all on edge throughout the year, but creativity and hope were once again the key to moving forward. And it was this power of coming together as a community that helped bring one solution after another to the fore.

Creativity and hope are just as important when it comes to coping with a child’s illness and finding new ways to help them survive and thrive. But this is only possible with your support. The gratitude that permeates this report is a celebration of how you stepped up in response to our rallying cry.

Your generosity translated to a record-breaking $41 million in funds raised this year. A result that speaks volumes about your deep and abiding commitment to everything Sainte-Justine stands for.

Your enthusiastic turnout at our newly reinstated in-person events and your incredible financial support for all of our projects and campaigns enabled us to honour our pledge to do everything we can for the teams and families in the Sainte-Justine community.

For children like little Tommy, as he has grappled with a rare disorder that attacks his immune system, you have supported the critical research advances upon which his health depends.

For expectant and new mothers, you have made it possible to provide state-of-the-art mental health care services and carefully monitor high-risk pregnancies.

For families across Quebec, you have facilitated remote access to Sainte-Justine’s expertise amid pandemic restrictions.

For research and care teams and post-graduate students, you have funded scholarships and grants that shape career paths today and save lives tomorrow.

And for those looking to break new barriers, you have helped recruit some of the best and brightest scientific minds. 

Thank you for doing your part to make Sainte-Justine the hub of expertise it is today.

There’s still a long way to go, but our teams continue to work with passion, purpose and conviction to find answers to the questions that have thus far eluded us. For the future of children across Quebec. For the betterment of our society as a whole.

Delphine Brodeur

President and Chief Executive Officer

Jacynthe Côté

Chair of the Board of Directors

Financials: A Banner Year, Thanks to You

The past fiscal year was an outstanding one for the CHU Sainte-Justine Foundation.

Thanks to your generosity, we generated $41 million in donation revenue. This includes $3 million in special or non-recurring donations. We also exceeded the $100-million mark in assets for the first time in our history. By the end of the year, a total $22 million in contributions had been paid out to the CHU Sainte-Justine to meet the needs of healthcare and research teams.

These figures far outstrip last year’s results as well as our financial projections for 2021–2022. They speak volumes about the unique and deeply meaningful connection we have with our community.

It is important to point out that these impressive results were achieved while still maintaining a healthy overhead ratio of 18% — one of the lowest in Canada for our sector of activity. We are therefore ending 2021–2022 on very solid footing.

This year marks an important milestone for the Foundation in that it has confirmed our philanthropic leadership, which will inevitably benefit children and families across Quebec.

Guided by the highest standards of governance with regard to human, financial and operational management, we strive to ensure every donation dollar received is administered with the utmost integrity and transparency.

Thank for you for making a significant contribution to our ability to fund ambitious initiatives that will transform the medical landscape of the future. Together, we can and we will continue to reach new heights, each and every day.

View Our Financial Statements

In 2021–2022, Sainte-Justine turned 115 and the Marie Enfant Rehabilitation Centre turned 85. Over the years, the commitment to championing a healthier future for children and mothers-to-be has remained a constant priority. Thank you, dear donors, for letting us continue to honour this legacy and help our teams do what they do best. Your steadfast support is why we can keep moving forward and, together, build a better tomorrow for the generations to come.

Caroline Barbir


Your Are Their Support

Thanks to your generosity, Dr. Haddad’s research team has been able to develop a test to identify the best course of treatment for patients like Tommy, who was born with severe combined immunodeficiency (SCID), a rare genetic disorder. Gaining a better understanding of rare diseases takes research. Research, and your support.

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At Sainte-Justine, rare diseases are anything but.

Dr Elie Haddad


The Magnitude of Your Impact

Your donations empower the teams at Sainte-Justine and give hope to Quebec families as they struggle to cope with pediatric, obstetric and fetal health issues. The impact and reach of your generosity cannot be overstated. The woman you helped bring a baby into the world. The child who is growing up healthy. So many lives touched, so many paths guided, and all because of you.

Thanks to you, the Research Centre can aspire to greater things and deliver on its vision of a better future for our children and our entire society, one step forward at a time. Your donations let us attract some of the most talented researchers in the world — scientists who are at the forefront of innovation. And innovation is what fuels hope.

Dr Jacques L. Michaud


You Nurture Their Talent

Honours for past grant recipients who are having an impact on medical practices at Sainte-Justine.

Nelson Piché, MD, pediatric surgeon

Dr. Nelson Piché received a donor-funded start-up grant from the CHU Sainte-Justine Foundation in 2012. This year, less than a decade later, he has been in the media spotlight as the first pediatric surgeon in Canada to use “heated chemotherapy” in an attempt to eradicate recurrent cancer in a young patient, aged three and a half.

Dr. Piché first began donating to the CHU Sainte-Justine Foundation in 2013 and has also volunteered his time. In 2021, he was one of the ambassadors for the Tree of Lights campaign.

Cam-Tu Émilie Nguyen, pediatric neurologist

A start-up grant from the CHU Sainte-Justine Foundation, made possible through your support, is what led pediatric neurologist Cam-Tu Émilie Nguyen to be featured in several media reports this year about Zolgensma. She used this new and very costly gene therapy treatment to slow down spinal muscular atrophy in a two-year-old child.

Dr. Nguyen received the grant in 2015. She became a CHU Sainte-Justine Foundation donor in 2016.

Your Achievements:
Hope in its Purest Form

Your gifts are, and always have been, the driving force behind the spirit of scientific breakthroughs at Sainte-Justine. In 2021–2022, you once again stepped up to empower expertise and the people who turn it into results. Read on for a few examples of how your unwavering support has taken excellence to a whole new level.

You have made it possible to meet some of the most pressing needs of the families and healthcare teams in the Sainte-Justine community. This impact will continue to resonate for years to come.

See our mid-year impact report for all the heartwarming details.

A life-changing clinic for mothers-to-be and families

The CHU Sainte-Justine Centre of Excellence in Maternal-Fetal Medicine is growing and expanding its lineup of activities. This year, your donations made a number of important achievements possible, despite the many upheavals caused by the pandemic.

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Neuro-oncology: The emergence of a promising targeted therapy

Dr. Sébastien Perreault and his team have leveraged your financial support to assess the efficacy of a promising cancer drug known as trametinib. Trametinib may very well minimize some of the adverse effects of benign brain tumours and help young patients resume a normal life.

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The Dialogue program: For culturally safe care and services, in collaboration with First Nations and Inuit communities

Sainte-Justine has undertaken to support cultural safety and representation of First Nations and Inuit communities within the hospital.

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CHU Sainte-Justine Research Centre: This year’s recruits

In 2021, your donations made it possible to welcome seven new recruits to the renowned Sainte-Justine research team. In addition, funding was granted to 19 top students, selected from a total 97 applicants.

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Your Achievements: You Are the Wind Beneath Their Wings!

Time and time again, you have stepped up to support our fundraising activities and events, both virtually and as we have returned to in-person formats. Your energy and enthusiasm have unfailingly shone through and had an enormous impact on Sainte-Justine.

The Sainte-Justine Circle’s Halloween hunt

To all our Sainte-Justine superheroes who landed in downtown Montréal to take on a series of skill-testing, brain-teasing and side-splitting challenges during the Halloween Hunt, you went above and beyond with your support for this first edition, raising more than $400,000 — over 60% more than the initial $250,000 target!

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Every month, you gave from the heart to support Sainte-Justine

Our growing community of monthly donors are some of our most treasured philanthropic allies. The number of active members grew by 9% in 2021. Thank you from the bottom of our hearts for your generosity, which once again this year was essential in so many ways.

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Second annual Youth Tree of Lights Campaign

Again this year, students from private schools across Quebec joined forces in November to make the bottom of the Sainte-Justine Tree of Lights shimmer and shine. They set a new record by raising an awe-inspiring $650,000. And it’s all because of you, our faithful donors.

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Gala des petits bedons: Back for a second year

The Gala des petits bedons was back again this year. Many of you took this opportunity to show, once and for all, that “out of sight” does not mean “out of mind.” An incredible $450,000 was raised, far beyond the initial $100,000 target.

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The Inspirational Power of Your Generosity: Planned Giving

Giving now to help future generations

With retirement just around the corner, Roxane and Tony decided to name the CHU Sainte-Justine Foundation as a beneficiary of a life insurance policy. Their two adult children could not be prouder.

In 2021, 35 new donors like Roxane and Tony became members of our Future Fund after notifying us of their intention to make a deferred gift to the Foundation. This year, we received nearly $4 million worth of donations in the form of bequests and life insurance policies.

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Lifetime Major Donors

Any cumulative gift or pledge totalling $1 million or more from individuals and family foundations

Lucie et Pierre Boivin O.C., C.Q.*
Chrétien-Desmarais Family
Jean-Guy Desjardins
Paul Desmarais, jr, O.C., O.Q.
Dion-Côté Family
Michelle Setlakwe and The Honorable Michael M Fortier, PC
Shahira and Magdi Khalil
Jessica Welch and François-Charles Sirois
5 anonymous
La Fondation Azrieli
Fondation J. Armand Bombardier
Sandra and Alain Bouchard Foundation
The Claudine and Stephen Bronfman Family Foundation
Lucie and André Chagnon Foundation
The Cole Foundation*
Fondation Marcelle et Jean Coutu

Fondation J.A. DeSève
Morris & Rosalind Goodman Family Foundation
Guy Laliberté Foundation
Léger Family Foundation
Fondation J.-Louis Lévesque
The Gustav Levinschi Foundation
The J.W. McConnell Family Foundation
The Rossy Foundation
Molson Foundation
Roasters Foundation
The Sanfilippo Children’s Research Foundation
Fondation Mirella et Lino Saputo
Thistledown Foundation
Maryse and Jean-Claude Arpin
Kloé Loiselle Family

$33 million and more

Fondation Charles-Bruneau*

$20 million and more

Opération Enfant Soleil*

$5 million and more

Fondation Mirella et Lino Saputo

$3 million and more

La Fondation Azrieli*

Fondation Marcelle et Jean Coutu*
The Rossy Foundation*

$2 million and more

National Bank of Canada*
BMO Financial Group*
Thistledown Foundation

Desjardins Group*
Power Corporation of Canada*
RBC Fondation*

$1 million and more

CIBC Bank*
Chrétien-Desmarais Family*
Kloé Loiselle Family
Foundation of Stars – The magic of research
Fondation des Gouverneurs de l’espoir
Famille Léger Foundation*
Guy Laliberté Foundation*

Jean-Guy Desjardins*
The Claudine and Stephen Bronfman Family Foundation*
The Cole Foundation*
The Rossy Foundation
Maryse and Jean-Claude Arpin
Michelle Setlakwe and The Honorable Michael M Fortier, PC
Paul Desmarais, jr, O.C., O.Q.*

$500,000 and more

André Imbeau*
Fondation J.A. DeSève
Hewitt Foundation
iA Financial Group
Intact Financial Corporation

Metro Inc.*
Rio Tinto
Sobeys Inc.
2 anonymous

$200,000 and more

altona Diagnostics
Bell Canada
Catherine Malouin and Yanick Blanchard
Dan Charron Family
Fondation D’Amours
Fondation J.-Louis Lévesque
Jamieson Wellness Inc.
Jessica Welch and François-Charles Sirois
Les obstétriciens-gynécologues du centre S.E.N.C.
Lucie et Pierre Boivin O.C., C.Q.*

Marc and Sandra Bogos
Michelle and Jean-François de Grandpré
Morris & Rosalind Goodman Family Foundation
Open Medicine Foundation Canada
Société d’Anesthésie du CHU Sainte-Justine
Dion-Côté Family
2 anonymous

$100,000 and more

A. Lassonde Inc.
Air Canada Foundation
Andrew Best
Arh Healthcare Foundation
Cogir Immobilier
Colin and Belle MacDonald Charitable Foundation
Diane Dunlop-Hébert and Norman Hébert*
Dollarama LP
Dr. Alexander Weil
Dr. Baruch Joseph Toledano
Dr. Catherine Ann Farrell
Dr. François Proulx
Dr. Geneviève Du Pont-Thibodeau
Dr. Géraldine Pettersen
Dr. Guillaume Emériaud
Dr. Jean-Sébastien Joyal
Dr. Keith Barrington
Dr. Marisa Tucci
Dr. Philippe Jouvet
Dr. Karen Harrington
Dr. Laurence Ducharme-Crevier
Esther Pigeon and Jean Leblond
François Mercille
Gosselin Family Foundation

Hélène Sabourin and Robert Blain
Jean Coutu Group (PJC) Inc.
Jessica Mercier and Étienne Dubuc
La Capitale Insurance and Financial Services
Laurentian Bank of Canada*
Les Restaurants McDonald du Canada Limitée
Linda and Patrick Daoust
Luc Bachand and Nicole Colas*
Marie-Josée Dupuis Pinsonnault and Maurice Pinsonnault*
Pfizer Canada Inc.
Pierre Boivin
Pierre Thabet
PricewaterhouseCoopers (PwC) LLP, Canada*
Radiologues associés du CHU Sainte-Justine
RBC Royal Bank
Richard Darveau and Carole Marcil
Sun Life Assurance Company of Canada
The Côté Sharp Family Foundation
The Gustav Levinschi Foundation
The Trottier Family Foundation
3 anonymous

$50,000 and more

Ariane Riou & Réal Plourde Foundation
Axium Infrastructure
Caroline Quach and Michel Jodoin
Daoust Family
DePuy Synthes Spine, a unit of Johnson & Johnson Medical Products, a division of Johnson & Johnson Inc.
Dr. Ahmed Moussa
Dr. Amélie Du Pont-Thibodeau
Dr. Anie Lapointe
Dr. Ann Aspirot
Dr. Anne-Marie Laberge
Dr. Antoine Payot
Dr. Catalina Maftei
Dr. Christian Lachance
Dr. Dickens St-Vil
Dr. Emmanuelle Lemyre
Dr. Grant A. Mitchell
Dr. Gregory Lodygensky
Dr. Ibrahim Mohamed
Dr. Jacques L. Michaud
Dr. Jean-François Soucy
Dr. Marianne Beaudin Ouimet
Dr. Marie Laberge-Malo
Dr. Marie-Ange Delrue
Dr. Michaël Sauthier
Dr. Michael-Andrew Assaad
Dr. Michel Lallier
Dr. Mona Beaunoyer
Dr. Nadia Roumeliotis
Dr. Nelson Piché
Dr. Philippe Campeau
Dr. Pierre Hardy
Dr. Prévost Jantchou

Dr. Rebecca Brocks
Dr. Sébastien Jacquemont
Dr. Sophie Tremblay
Dr. Stéphan Troyanov
Dr. Sylvain Chemtob
Fiera Capital Corporation
Fondation Amelia & Lino Saputo Jr.
Fondation En Coeur
Fondation Famille Bertrand
Fondation pour l’Épilepsie
Fondation Sami Fruits
Fonds Gabrielle Roy
Fonds philanthropique Antoine
François-Xavier Souvay and Chantal Labrie*
HRS Global
Ivanhoé Cambridge Inc.
Jacques and Michel Auger Foundation
Jacques Audet
Jarislowsky Foundation
Jean-Jacques Laurans
Jean-Luc Binette
Le Groupe Aldo inc.*
Leslie Raenden
Louis-Thomas Labbé
Marie-Claude Benoit and Yves Chabot
Nestlé Nutrition Institute
Paul-A. Fournier Foundation Fund at the Foundation of Greater Montréal
Pierre Anctil
René Champoux
Robert Ruel
St-Germain Kavanagh Foundation
TD Bank Financial Group
Technologies Squarepoint Inc.
Zanmi Lasante Partners in Health
4 anonymous

$25,000 and more

Ada and Samir Trak, Enertrak Inc.
Alexandre Taillefer and Debbie Zakaib
Antron Holdings Inc.
Baltic Club
BFL Canada
Bitumar Inc.
Charles Nadeau, LL. B.
Claridge Inc.
Claude Sauriol Family Foundation
David Forest Financial Services Ltd.
Doggone Foundation
Dr. Andréanne Villeneuve
Dr. Anne Fournier
Dr. Anne Monique Nuyt
Dr. Annie Janvier
Dr. Antonio D’Angelo
Dr. Aspasia Karalis
Dr. Benoît Carrière
Dr. Bruce Tapiero
Dr. Céline Huot
Dr. Céline Thibault
Dr. Chantale Lapierre
Dr. Christine Boutin
Dr. Colette Deslandres
Dr. Eric Drouin
Dr. Evelyne Doyon-Trottier
Dr. Fatima Kakkar
Dr. Fernando Alvarez
Dr. Francine Lefebvre
Dr. Jacques Lacroix
Dr. Jean Nicolas Racicot
Dr. Jean-Luc Bigras
Dr. Joaquim Mirò
Dr. Jocelyn Gravel
Dr. Julie Autmizguine
Dr. Lydia Di Liddo
Dr. Marc H. Lebel
Dr. Marie-Josée Raboisson
Dr. Marie-Pier Desjardins
Dr. Marisol Sanchez
Dr. Martha H. Dirks
Dr. Mélanie Henderson
Dr. Michael Antony Arsenault
Dr. Nagib Dahdah
Dr. Nathalie Alos
Dr. Nathalie Gaucher
Dr. Nathalie Lucas
Dr. Patricia Garel and Dr. Laurent Garel
Dr. Patricia Olivier
Dr. Philippe Ovetchkine
Dr. Rachel Scott
Dr. Ramy El Jalbout
Dr. Serge Gouin
Dr. Valérie Lamarre
Dr. Valérie Marchand
Dr. Ugur Halac

Energy Valero Foundation of Canada*
Eric Richer La Flèche and Michèle Plourde
Evelyn Andelfinger and Gregor U. Andelfinger
Fidelity Investments Canada ULC
Fondation Denise et Robert Gibelleau
Fondation Jean-Luc Gravel et Brigitte Breton
Fondation Yvan Morin
Foundation of Greater Montréal
François Rivard and Isabelle Pépin
Frédéric Martel
Frisia Foundation
Gilles Mercille inc.
Glentel Inc.
Groupe Conseil Evolia inc.
Guy A Lepage
Harmonic Fund Services
Hélène and Dino Dello Sbarba
Kelly Grzywacz
Kristopher Letang and Catherine Laflamme
La Compagnie électrique Britton
La Fondation du Grand défi Pierre Lavoie
Le Groupe Gaudreault Inc.
Liaison Concept Inc.
Louis-François Hogue and Isabelle Jomphe *
Manulife Financial
Marc Pépin*
Marc Thériault
Marie Bergeron and François Rivest
Marisa Foundation
Marketing Association of Chevrolet-Buick-GMC of Québec Inc.
Masson Ltd
Maxime Bertrand Gilbert
McCarthy Tétrault Foundation*
McGill immobilier / Engel & Völkers
Michael Hagn
Michel Desmarais
Morgan Stanley Services Canada Corporation
Nathalie Gagnon
National Bank – Financial Markets
Nektar Diamantopoulos
Novo Nordisk Canada Inc.
Overcome Syngap1
Paul Morimanno
PUR Vodka
Québec Blue Cross
Raymond Landry
Réal Gagnon Logistique Trans-West
Fondation Lise et Richard Fortin
Richard Hylands
Simple Plan Foundation
Stephane Achard
Stikeman Elliott LLP
Sun Life Financial
TFI International Inc.
The Sanfilippo Children’s Research Foundation
The Vartan and Lise Toroussian Foundation
TRIUM Office Furniture Inc.
TSX Inc.
Williams-Sonoma Inc.
16 anonymous

$10,000 and more

AbbVie Corporation
Alex Vahé Nahabedian
Alexis Rochette-Gratton
Alfar Capital Management Inc.
Andrew Griffin and Véronique Papineau
Ann MacDonald
Annie Lapointe, CPA, CFA
Antonio Gatto
Ardene Foundation
Association des dentistes vietnamiens du Canada
Atwill-Morin Group Inc.

Behaviour Interactive inc.
Bernard Dansereau
Bombardier Inc.
Borden Ladner Gervais LLP
Bouchée Double
BrainStorm Network Inc./OneProvider 
Brio Conseils Inc.

CAE Inc.
Canadian Pacific
Canam Group Inc.
Canderel Management Inc.
CIBC Children’s Foundation
Cindy Loewen
Citco Canada Inc.
Claire and Carroll L’Italien
Claire Bombardier Beaudoin and Laurent Beaudoin
Claire Lefebvre
Claude Bouvier
Claude-André Boivin
Coast to Coast Against Cancer Foundation
Conam Charitable Foundation
Courchesne Larose Ltd and the Routhier Family
Christine Lutfy
Custom House Group

Danielle Mercier and Robert Richer
Davies Ward Phillips & Vineberg LLP
Devimco Immobilier
Diane Fontaine
Dillon Eustace Llp
Dominique Paquet Ferron
Dr Inge Meijer
Dr. Ana Maria Blanchard
Dr. Anne Lortie
Dr. Anne-Claude Bernard-Bonnin
Dr. Anne-Laure Lapeyraque-Hubert
Dr. Barbara Joy Cummins McManus
Dr. Benoît Bailey
Dr. Caroline Chartrand
Dr. Catherine Brunel-Giutton
Dr. Catherine C. McCuaig
Dr. Catherine Hervouet-Zeiber
Dr. Catherine Litalien
Dr. Céline Belhumeur
Dr. Cheri Deal
Dr. Constantin Stanciu
Dr. Denis Bérubé
Dr. Despoina Manousaki
Dr. Devendra Amre
Dr. Elsa Rossignol
Dr. Fabien Touzot
Dr. Félix Brassard
Dr. France Gauvin
Dr. Francine Ducharme
Dr. Geneviève Benoit
Dr. Geneviève Tourigny Ruel
Dr. Guy Grimard
Dr. Guy Van Vliet
Dr. Henrique Bittencourt
Dr. Hubert Labelle
Dr. Isabelle Chevalier
Dr. Jacques-Édouard Marcotte
Dr. Jade Hindié
Dr. Jean Turgeon
Dr. Jean-Bernard Girodias
Dr. Jean-Yves Frappier
Dr. Julie Blackburn
Dr. Karine Pépin
Dr. Kevin Vézina
Dr. Laurence Alix Séguin
Dr. Laurence Beaulieu-Genest
Dr. Lionel Carmant and Dr. Lucie Morin
Dr. Lyne Chiniara
Dr. Magdalena Jaworski
Dr. Marc-Antoine Marquis
Dr. Maria Buithieu
Dr. Maria Marano
Dr. Marie-Andrée Cantin
Dr. Marie-Claude Miron
Dr. Marie-Joëlle Doré-Bergeron
Dr. Marie-Lou Tardif
Dr. Marie-Lyne Nault
Dr. Marie-Paule Morin
Dr. Marie-Pier Larrivée
Dr. Mathilde Hupin
Dr. Maude Poitras
Dr. Mélanie Labrosse
Dr. Mélanie Vincent
Dr. Mélissa Fiscaletti
Dr. Michel Duval
Dr. Nicholas Chadi
Dr. Nicolaas H. van Doesburg
Dr. Niina Kleiber
Dr. Olivier Chémaly
Dr. Olivier Drouin
Dr. Olivier Jamoulle
Dr. Panagiotis Glavas
Dr. Paola Diadori
Dr. Philippe Major
Dr. Pierre Teira
Dr. Renée Bouthillier
Dr. Sandrine Essouri
Dr. Sarah Mousseau
Dr. Sébastien Perreault
Dr. Sima Saleh
Dr. Sonia Dal-Pozzo-Nizard
Dr. Sophie Laberge
Dr. Soren Gantt
Dr. Stefan Parent
Dr. Sylvia Abadir
Dr. Sze Man Tse
Dr. Thai Hoa Tran
Dr. Thuy Mai Luu
Dr. Uyen-Phuong Nguyen
Dr. Véronique Anne Pelletier
Dr. Véronique Phan
Dr. Yasaman R. Shayan

Eisai Limited
EMD Serono Canada Inc.
Éric Fortin
Eric Vallières
Eurovia Québec CSP Inc.

Ferme Boulais 1979 inc.
Ferreira Café
Fire Fighter’s Foundation for Major Burn Victims
Fondation Christal de Roche
Fondation de Bienfaisance T.A. St-Germain
Fondation Denis Ouellet et Suzanne Fournier
Fondation Yvon Boulanger
Forage CBF
France-Élaine Duranceau and Luc Bernier
Francine Bienvenu
Francine Descarries and Robert Bélanger
François Bessette
François Montigny and Stéphanie Parent
Frédéric Bourget
Frédéric Ruel and Catherine Fauteux
Frederick Perrault

Gagné Family
Garaga Inc.
George Vlismas
Gestion Karmat
Gisèle Gendron
GKC Architectes SENC
Grégoire Dumas
Groleau & Doktorczyk Foundation
Groupe Alpini de Montréal
Groupe Geyser Inc.
Groupe Lune Rouge Inc.
GSoft Group Inc.
Guillaume Laperrière

Hélène Smith
Hyundai de Lanaudière

Imperial Tobacco Canada
Intact Assurance & Univesta Assurances et services financiers

J.R. André Bombardier
Jacques Foisy
Fonds Fondation Jean E. et Lucille Douville
Jean Mongrain
Jean Novak*
Jean-Bruno Lessard and Lyn Brisebois
Jean-François Dubé and Julie Chartray
Jean-Jacques Paquin
Jeremy Rutman and Family
Jocelyn Laurin
John Dobson Foundation
Jonathan Bastien
Jonathan Haber
Josée Moquin and François Joubert
Juan Caceres


Fondation pour enfants diabétiques
Labatt Brewing Company Limited
Lallemand Inc.
Langlois Lawyers, LLP
Le Groupe de Sécurité Garda inc.
Lemay Co. inc.
Lemur Groupe Inc.
Les Chirurgiens Cardiaques & Associes S.E.N.C.
Letko, Brosseau & Associates Inc.
Lindt & Sprüngli (Canada) Inc.
Line Dallaire and Justin Paquet
Lisette Côté Lavoie
Little Yogi
Longbow Advantage Inc.
L’Oréal Canada Inc.
Lorne Bassel*
Lumenpulse Group Inc.
Lyne Sheridan and Gilles Brouillard

MA Foundation
Madeleine Hamon
Manon Jolicoeur
Manulift E.M.I. LTD
Marcel A. Dion
Marcel Bourassa
Marie-Josée Tessier
Marie-Yvonne Paint
Martin Milette
Mathieu Sirois
Maud Cohen and Régis Bots
Maxime Brousseau
McGill St Laurent
Mercedes-Benz Canada
Meubles Canadel inc.
Michael Ross
Michèle Bélanger and Paul Carle
Miguel Lacasse
Mireille Clément and Marc Gagnon
Mohammed Kanwal Family Foundation

Nassiba Alami Laroussi
Nathalie Pilon and Alain Néemeh
Neonatal-Perinatal Osce Education Fund
Nicolas Bouchard
Nicolas Patard and Karine Faucher
Novacap Management inc.

Olivier Desmarais
Olympia Charitable Foundation
Osisko Gold Royalties LTD.
Osler, Hoskin & Harcourt LLP
Ouvroir St-Sauveur

Patrice Groleau
Patrick Varin
Paul Corriveau
Paul M. Guyre
Pearson Educational Foundation
Pembroke Management
Pembroke Private Wealth Management
Pictet Canada L.P.
Pierre Letendre
Pierre-Edouard Rémy
Planète Mazda
Prisma Construction Inc.
PVH Foundation

Québec Mining Association

Rachel H. Renaud*
Ralf Mueller
Raymond Chabot Grant Thornton LLP
Régulvar Inc.
Richard Legault
Roberte Gagnon and Guy Caron
Rodeo FX inc.
Roland Boutin
Roland Stringer
RYCOM Corporation

Scott Jackson
Servier Canada Inc.
Simon-Pierre Soucy
Smile Train inc.
Société de gestion Sogefor Inc.
Société des alcools du Québec
Soeurs de Saint-Paul-De-Chartres
Stéphane Mailhot
Stéphanie Dumoulin and Pierre-Olivier Perras
Supermarché IGA Gilles Bariteau inc.
Suzanne Poisson

TC Transcontinental
TD Securities
TELUS Friendly Future Foundation
TFI International Inc.
The Middlefield Charitable Foundation
Tony Rizzo
Torys Law Firm Llp

Uni-Sélect Inc.

Vincent (Nicolas) Delisle and Marie Lizotte
Vincent Chiara

WSP Canada Inc.

Yang Zhang and Don Coletti
Yvan Dupont

Zurich Canada Inc

25 anonymous

$5,000 and more

Acier d’armature Ferneuf Inc.
Agropur Cooperative and Ultima Foods Inc.
Airbus Canada Limited
Ajma Holdings Inc.
Ala Birca Podubnaia
Alain Bernard
Alexandre Hovette
Alfid Services Immobiliers Ltée
Allard, Allard & Associés
Allianz Global Risk US Insurance Co
AlphaFixe Capital
Alternative Capital Group Inc.
Altus Group Limited
Amélie Damphousse
André Rondeau
Andrée Robert and Jacques Chartrand
Anne-Marie and Mitch Garber Family Foundation
Anthony Novak
Antony Sauvageau
Apex Marketing Inc.
Ariane Renaud-Brule
Armand Des Rosiers
Ass. Sociale Culturelle Montallégro de Montréal Inc.
Assante Wealth Management
Atrium Innovations Inc.
Auberge et Spa Le Nordik Inc.
Autocanada Inc.
Avi Benchimol

Banque Nationale Investissements
Bayer Inc.
Benoit Hudon
Bernard Thibodeau
Béton Concept AM
BMI Canada
Bombardier Recreational Products Inc.
Boralex inc.
Bouclair Inc.
Bouthillette Parizeau
Broccolini Construction Inc.
Burgundy Asset Management

Café Saint-Henri
Caisse d’économie Desjardins – Personnel du réseau de la santé
Caisse populaire Desjardins des Versants du Mont-Royal
Canaccord Genuity
Canadian Tire Saint-Laurent
Carole Baillargeon and Geoffroy Guilbault
Catherine Sharp
Catsima Inc.
CDS Monitoring Inc
Centre communautaire éducatif (CEC) Philos
Charles André Martineau
Christine Bélanger
CI Investments
Claude Bellemare
Claude Choquette*
Comptoirs du Sud Inc.
Consortium M.R. Canada Ltée
Constantini Dino Saroli
Création Vanaelle

Damian Labuda
Daniel Chevalier
Daniel Foliot
Danielle Fortier
Danielle J. Verreault
De Grandpré, Joli-Coeur, S.E.N.C.R.L.
Delphine Brodeur
Denis Boulais
Denise Angers
Desjardins Securities Inc.
Dexcom (Canada) Inc.
Distributions Car-Tel Inc
Dominic Chalifoux
Dr. Afshin Hatami
Dr. Annie Lapointe and Dominique Bélanger
Dr. Arielle Lévy
Dr. Baudonin Forgeot D’Arc
Dr. Bernard Boileau
Dr. Brigitte Parisien
Dr. Chantal Giguère
Dr. Danielle Marcoux
Dr. Danielle Taddeo
Dr. Diane Sauriol
Dr. Elie Haddad
Dr. François Maranda
Dr. Georges-Étienne Rivard
Dr. Guy D’Anjou
Dr. Hélène Decaluwe
Dr. Jean Jacques De Bruycker
Dr. Jean-Marie Leclerc
Dr. Jonathan Lacombe Barrios
Dr. Judith Meloche
Dr. Julie Barsalou
Dr. Julie Déry
Dr. Julie Powell
Dr. Leila Ben Amor
Dr. Majorie Vadnais
Dr. Marianna Zarrelli
Dr. Marie-Claude Bélisle
Dr. Marie-Claude Quintal
Dr. Mathieu Bergeron
Dr. Michèle David
Dr. Mutsuko Emond-Nakamura
Dr. Noemie Rouillard Bazinet
Dr. Soha Rached-D’Astous
Dr. Stacey Ageranioti-Bélanger
Dr. Thanh H. Ngo
Dr. Valérie Arsenault
Dr. Vincent-Philippe Lavallée
Dr. Wissal Ben Jimaa
Dr. Yves Pastore
Dr. Zofia Zysman-Colman

Ébénisterie Classique Inc.
Édouard Montpetit
Eftichios Tomadakis
Elema experts-conseils inc.
Elina & Giuseppe Borsellino Family Foundation
Elio Gatto
Elodie Couture
Équipements GR Atwill-Morin inc.
Eric Boyko
Eurovia Québec Construction Inc. – Ag. Gaspésie1
Ève-Lyne Biron B.Sc., M.B.A., ICD.D
Ezat Hashim

Family Simon
Fille d’Isabelle Cercle St-Léon
Fondation de la corporation des concessionnaires d’automobiles de Montréal
Fondation Famille Vachon
Fondation Hervey Morin et Yolande Thibault
Fondation Hillion Laganière
Fondation Luc Maurice
Fondation Michaud
Fondation Raymond Gaudreault
Fonds de placement immobilier Cominar
France and Eric Brat
Francesco Zambito
Francine Clermont
Francine Moquin
Fuel Transport Inc.

Gabriel Gagnon
GDI Integrated Facility Services
Gedesco Inc. Yves Levasseur
Geneviève Champagne – Agence artistique inc.
Geneviève Mailhot
Geoffrey Lucas
George Downing Drilling Limited
Gestacom Ltée
Gestion Gauthier Lépine inc.
Gestion Immobilière L. Maurice
Ghenima Djellout
Ghislaine Castagner Carrière and Jacques Carrière
Gildan Activewear Inc.
Gisèle Royal-Roy
Gluskin Sheff + Associates Inc.
GMP Griffiths McBurney Canada Corp.
Goldman Sachs & CO.
GPL assurance Inc.
Groupe C. Laganière
Groupe Édifio
Groupe Grilli Samuel inc.
Guy Aubin
Guy Landry
Guy Trudeau

Habitation Solano II Inc.
Hanif Nanji
Hélène Bloxham
Helene Drolet and Pierre Fauteux
Hélène Levac Hoffer
Hélène Masson
Honda Canada Foundation
HSBC Bank Canada
Humà Design Inc.

IGS Management Inc.
Impact Échafaudage
In honour of Sophie and Abie Pinsky
Infomonde Inc.
Innocap Investment Management Inc.
Isabel Dupont
Isabelle Michaud
IT Unlock Inc.

J.M. Clément Ltée
Jacqueline Tousignant
Jacques Larose
Jacques Lépine
Janssen-Ortho Inc.
Jean Baram
Jean Bouchard
Jean Dionne
Jean Raymond
Jean-Claude Héroux
Jean-François Boursier
Jean-Guy Goulet
Jean-Pierre Ethier
Jean-René Groleau
Jérôme Coulombe
Joanne Larrivée
José Saldivia
Josette Marcil
JPS Logistique Inc
Julie Lachance
Julien Heon

Ktalysis Inc.

La boîte à bonbons
Laboratoire Larima
Lamour Global
Lapointe Rosenstein Marchand Melancon S.E.N.C.R.L.
Laurence Langlois Parent
Le Blasonier
Lea, Xavier, Daisy and Marc Trudel
Les Cafés RGC inc.
Les Chantiers De Chibougamau Ltée
Les Entreprises Cloutier & Gagnon (1988) Ltée
Les Entreprises Extincto Inc.
Lombard Canada Ltd.
Louis Morissette
Louis Philippe Carrière
Louis-Carl Roberts
Louis-François Trahan
Lucie and André Chagnon Foundation
Lucie Bertrand
Lukas Lhotsky

Madam Francine Prud’homme
Maison Mamie Clafoutis
Maples Group
Marc D’Amour
Marc-André Nantais
Marché C & T
Marco Iacampo
Marianne Hagen
Marie Gauthier and Denys Chouinard
Marie-Claire B. Primeau
Marie-Thérèse Tougas
Marlene and Joel King
Maxime Fortin
Maxime Lacroix
Maxime Lemieux
Maxime-Jean Gérin
Mazda Canada inc.
Mécanique Industrielle AMNC
MEP Technologies Inc.
Mercer (Canada) Limited
Métro Logistique inc.
Michaël Roy
Michel Foix
Michel Hamelin
Michèle Lanoix
Micheline Cecchini
Michelle and Raymond Boucher
Minogue Medical Inc.
Miracle RDR Maintenance Sercices LTD.
Mizbu Inc.
Montréal Exchange
Montreal Gateway Terminals Partnership

National Bank – Private Wealth 1859
NATIONAL Public Relations Inc.
Neil Cunningham
New World Laboratories
Nicolas Brunet and Tanya Karout
Nordic Structures Bois
Northbridge Financial Corporation
Novartis Pharma Canada inc.

Ocean Group inc.
Omer Langlais Jr.
Ordre Fraternel Des Aigles Aire 3981 Terrebonne Inc

Pâtisserie Petit Lapin
Patrick Boivin
Patrick Frigon
Patrick Prince
Paul Leclair
Paul St-Michel
Pharma ECA Services Inc.
Pharmacie Dolarian et Chirinian S.E.N.C.
Pierre Beaudoin & Hélène Robitaille
Pierre Delisle
Pierre Gibeault
Pierre Lajoie
Pierre Seccareccia Family
Pierre-Yves Leduc
Pimco Canada Corp.
PMA Architectes inc.
Poches & Fils
Pratt & Whitney Canada
Puremed Canada inc.

Quadra Plast

Ramacieri Soligo Inc.
RBC Financial Group
Ricky Merovitz
Ricochet Group
Robert Bombardier
Robinson Sheppard Shapiro

Samir Chehab
Saputo Inc.
Sarah Dussault
Sébastien Tessier and Sonia Verreault
Simon Abboud
Simon Lussier
Simon Perreault
Slalom Consulting ULC
Société des Orthopédistes du CHU Sainte-Justine
Sophie Baillargeon*
Soprema Inc.
Spiegel Sohmer Inc.
SS & C Technologies Canada Corp.
SSQ, Société D’Assurance-Vie Inc.
Standard Products Inc.
Stéfan Bodnar
Stéphane Chevigny
Steve Dugas
Suzie Francoeur
Sylvie Desrochers

T.+ A. Morimanno
Teva Canada Limited
The CSL Group
The F. Catania Foundation
The Garantee Company of North America
The Master Group Inc.
The Richter Charitable Foundation
Theophilos Prokos
Thérèse Loriot
Thomas Laporte Aust and Kate Pitfield

UGroupMedia Inc.

Vicasa Groupe Inc.
Vincent Houle
Vincent Martel


Yannick Mivsek
Yves Bonin

10826910 Canada Inc.
1832 Asset Management L.P.
24 anonymous
6259570 Canada Ltée

$2,500 and more

Ada Bianco and Robert Soumako
Adel Kauzman
Agence Nomade inc.
Ajwad Mansour
Alain Fortin
Alain Paris
Alain Van Themsche
Aldric Monette
Alexandra Laurent
Alexandre Le May
Alexis Rivest
Alfonso Gentile & Family
Allprime Properties Inc.
Alumilex / Fraydun Foundation Inc.
Amir Assad Keynia
André Boulanger
André de Bellefeuille
André Huot
André Lagacé
André Pichette
André Toupin
André Viau
Andrée and John Collyer
Andrée Jobidon Labrecque
Angele Martineau and Michal Kuzmicki Family Foundation
Angelène Fleurant
Anick Sivret
Anne Lussier
Annick Rouleau
Annie Lemieux
Antonio Lemme
Antonio Neves
Antony Zonato
Aqueduct Foundation
Ascendis Conseils
Ask Marketing
Azelis Canada Inc

Bahjat Ghattas
Banque CIBC
Béatrice Roquet
Beaudoin Doray Tremblay
Beauward Shopping Centres Ltd
Benjamin Elemond
Benjamin Gelly Cyr
Benjamin Topor
Benoît Bussières
Benoit Emery
Benoit Legros & Isabel Lachance
Benoit Moreau
BentallGreenOak (Canada) LTD.
Bernard Antoine Mayer
Bernard Théoret
BID Group Technologies Ltd.
Boileau Family
Brian Morse
Bureau Plan Inc

Camexport Inc.
Can-Aqua International
Canon Systèmes Médicaux Canada Limitée
Cantrex Nationwide
Canus Goat’s milk skin care product
Cardiologues du CHU Sainte-Justine
Carol Fiedler and Claude Thérien
Carole Dionne
Caroline Barbir
Caroline Bibeau
Caroline Biron
Céline Larocque
Charles Guay and Isabelle Pagé
Chiara Lucas Di Schiavi
Chidaca International Inc.
Christian Mailly
Christiane Odeh
Christopher Bolash
Christopher Goscha
CIC Foundation – Companions in Courage
Cindy Rizkallah
Claire Coté
Claire Pépin
Claude Deslongchamps
Claudine Charron
Clinique De Dermatologie Tousignant Inc.
Club Âge d’Or Millefiori
Coffrages Synergy Formwork
Cognibox Inc.
Colcofin Consultant Inc
Collège Sainte-Anne de Lachine
Construction & Rénovation Mrobert
Construction et Rénovation GSL inc.
Construction Larotek Inc.
Construction Mario Rainville inc.
Corporation Financière Mackenzie
Cristina Costa
CSL Behring Canada Inc.
Cyrille Vittecoq

Daniel Hurtubise
Daniel M. Lalonde
Daniel Robichaud
Danielle Bélanger and Serge Lambert
Danielle Richer
Danielle St-Pierre
Dany Lacombe
Darren Baccus
Dassault Systèmes
David Blackburn
David Holmested
David Provencher
Davies Ward Philips & Vineberg
Denis Labrèche
Denise Doiron and Denis Charest
Denise Laferrière
Dialogue Health Technologies Inc.
Diane Denis
Diane Pelletier
Didier Lucien
Distribution Yves Thouin Inc.
DNA Capital
Doctor Gilles R. Girouard
Dom Expert Inc.
Domaine du Lac St-Victor inc.
Domino’s Pizza
Donnacha O’Connor
Doran & Minehane Ltd
Douglas Norman McRae
Dr Clara Low Décarie
Dr Damien Bélisle
Dr Ghizlane Qouraimi
Dr Joanna Dziubinska
Dr Paul Duranceau
Dr. Amanda Lord
Dr. Carol Nhan
Dr. Eliane Rioux Trottier
Dr. Geneviève Tellier
Dr. Helena Evangeliou
Dr. Irena Stikarovska
Dr. Jean Gauvin
Dr. Jean-Jacques Marier
Dr. Johanne Liu
Dr. Julie Franc-Guimond
Dr. Kathryn Samaan
Dr. Louise Rousseau
Dr. Martin St-André
Dr Marie-Eve Chartier
Dr. Matthew Magyar
Dr. Matthieu Vincent
Dr. Monia Marzouki
Dr. Owen Woods
Dr. Pierre-Olivier Nadeau
Dr. Rochelle Winikoff
Dr. Sonia Cellot
Dr. Stéphanie Proulx-Cabana
Dr. Suzanne Lépine
Dr. Taline Bedrossian
Dr. Véronique G. Dorval
Dr. Yvan Samson
Dream Industrial Mgmt Corp
Dunton Rainville, Avocats

Edelman relations publiques mondiales Canada Inc.
Edward Assh Foundation
Élaine Barsalou
Elasto Proxy Inc.
Eleanor Dover
Eli Lilly Canada Inc.
Elise Gingras
Emilie Godbout
Émilie Thivierge
Émilien Bolduc
Epicerie Arpin et Fils Inc. St-Ours
Éric Hamam
Espace Nord Inc.
Etienne Lapierre
Evelyne Bousquet
Eventex Productions
Excel Honda

Fabrice Poirier
Famille Pelland
Florence Patry
Fondation Carrousel du Fonds de Notre Coeur
Fondation des Alouettes de Montréal
Fonds de solidarité FTQ
Formula Growth Limited
France Délices
Francesco Giusti
Francis Marois
Francisque Bégin
François Lamy
François Leduc
François Michaud
Françoise Coulombe
François-Michel L’Heureux
Frank Di Fruscia & family
Frédéric Poulin
Freedom International Brokerage Company
Friperie Chez Marie 4 Poches

Gaetan Desroches
Gaetane Normandin
Gaëtane Viens
Gaila Haynes
Garry Garcin
GBN Textiles Inc.
GDI Services (Québec) SEC
Generation Spas
george spiridakis
Gerardus M. Olsthoorn
Gertrude Lepape
Gestion André Waechter Inc.
Gestion immobilière Laucandrique inc.
Gestion PCA 2003 Inc.
Gestion Raymond Brodeur Inc.
Gestion TYFA Inc.
Gilbert Sanche
Gilberte St-Jacques
Gilles Beauchemin
Gilles Benoit
Gilles Perreault
Gilles Racicot
Gino Perna
Giovanni DiSchiavi
Giovanni Molinaro
Gisèle Doucet
Givesco inc.
Gluskin Sheff + Associates Inc.
GPL Assurance Inc.
Grant Guèvremont
Groupe Artea inc.
Groupe C. Laganiere Inc.
Groupe FORMA+ inc.
Groupe Leclair
Guanzhou Wang and Xinlei Shi
Gupta Architecture Inc.
Guy Allaire
Guy Lambert
Guy McNicoll

Habitations Mécaza
Havesam Canada LTD
Hazeltree Fund Services
Helen Prokos
Hélène Brunelle
Hélène Despatis
Hélène Simard
Henri Lecluyse
Héroux-Devtek Inc.
Hervé Alaurent
Hexavest Inc.
Hoc-Can To and Quach Tuly NGO
Houde Meloche Foundation
HSBC Bank Canada
Hugo Corbeil

Ian Doran
IBM Canada Ltd.
Isabelle Godin
Iyad Morcos

J. B. Donnelly Barrister & Solicitor
J.V. Raymond Cyr
Jacques Drouin
Jacques Junior Bretoux
Jacques Laparé
Jacques Lefort
Jacques Patenaude
jacques tremblay
James Accurso
jean francois Bureau
Jean-Daniel Debkoski
Jean-François Gratton
Jean-François Taillefer
Jean-Luc Doray, médecin Inc.
Jean-Nicolas Guillemette
Jean-Philippe Dion
Jean-Philippe Drolet
Jean-Sebastien Gagne
Jessica Delfino
Jessica Duval
Jo Anne Demers
Joanne Furino
Jocelyn Adam
Joëlle Fragasso-Marquis

John Fenwick
John Hoolahan
Jonathan Tobianah
Juan Pablo Mo
Julie Bellemare
Julie Riel
Julie Roy

Julien Trussart
Karim Chikh
Karine Trak
Karl Bernard
Katerine Rocheleau and Guy Côté, CFA
Khem Chambers
Kim-Olivier Roy
Kounde Tognide Elisabeth

L. C. Gendron International Inc
La Clinique du sommeil des Laurentides
La Cuvée d’hiver
La Fabrik MP
Laboratoire Riva inc.
Lafarge Canada Inc
Lalcom Inc.
Lantic Inc.
laPersonnelle assurances générales inc.
Lars Vilhuber
Lassonde Industries Inc.
LCR Solutions Informatiques
Les Arts Gourmets
Les Consultants C.O.R.P. inc.
Les Éditions de la Pastèque In.c
Les Grands Ballets Canadiens de Montréal
Les Industries Bonneville Ltée
Libre Finance Coaching Inc.
Linda Bissonnette
Lisa Carducci
Lise Montpetit
Loic Bruderlein
Loranger Marcoux
Louis Daubois
Louis Racine
Louise Laflamme
Louise Quenneville-Tétreault
Louise Rousselle Trottier
Luc Grégoire
Lucie Morin and Robert Courteau Foundation
Lucie Vaillancourt

Maçonnerie Demers Inc
Madeleine Renaud
Manon Gaudreault
Manon Hamel
Manon Vranderick
Marc A Paquette – Sport
Marc Piché
Marc Roberge
Marc-André Blanchard
Marcel Gagné
Marcel Plante
Marco Ottoni
Marc-Olivier St-Aubin
Marc-Stéphane Pennee
Margaret Panzera
Marianne Durand
Marie Desrosiers
Marie-Chantal Ouellette
Marie-France Geoffroy
Mario Cloutier
Marion Et Gauthier Inc
Maroun Boumalhab
Marsh & McLennan Shared Services Canada Limited
Martin Déziel
Maryam Piram
Mateus De Sousa
Mathieu Boisvert
Maya Ramacieri
Mélanie Labelle
Mélanie Viguié-Bilodeau
Michael Lacroix
Michael Sayig
Michael Shatilla
Michel Beaulieu
Michel Daoust
Michel Gagnon
Michel Goulet
Michel Laverdière
Michel Maher
Michel-Alexandre Cardin
Micheline and Raymond Bachand
Micheline Fournier
Mike Cegelski
Miller Thomson LLP
Mireille Clément
Mireille Lussier and Louis L. Larivière
Mohamed Nabil Lokbani
Mongrain Vertical Transport Inc.
Monique Bédard
Monique Cyr Labrecque
Monique Vézina
Morgan Lewis
Muriel Draoui and Gilles Regazzoni
Murielle Charlebois

Najlaa Houssaini
Nataly Raymond
Navedco Consruction Inc.
Navjot Singh
Ncr Canada Corp
Nguyen Phi Restaurant
Nicolas Schulman
Nicole Brunet
Nicole Perron
Nicole Vallée
Nita Equipment Inc.
Nomad Royalty Company Ltd.
Normand Gendron
Normand Payette
Norton Rose Fulbright
Novipro Inc.
NTD Apparel Inc.

Oberfeld Snowcap inc.
Outil de Coupe Drillmex Inc.

Park Avenue Audi
Pascal Leclaire
Pascal Pilon
Paul Vachon
Paul-Émile Cormier
PCI – Perrault conseil inc.
Pelican International Inc.
Petra Group Ltd.
Philip Nolan
Philippe Boulianne
Philippe Lamarre
Philippe Leroy
Philippe Masson et William Déziel
Pierre Chamberland Foundation Fund at the Foundation of Greater Montréal
Pierre Fiset
Pierre Gamelin
Pierre Giguère
Pierre Larochelle and Stéphanie Daignault
Pierre Lemelin
Pierre Lesage-F.B.N.
Pierre Marcouiller
Pierre Olivier Couture
Pierre Turcotte
Pietro Iannicca
Porap Design Graphique
Presti Foundation
Productions J
Promutuel Assurance Bajot

Rashid Family
RBC Foundation
Recochem Inc.
Rémi Quimper
René Delsanne
Restaurant Tamaki Saint-Jérôme
Richard Lortie
Richard Massé
Richard Monaco
Richard Proulx
Robert Beaudoin
Robert Delorme
Robert Paquin
Robert Thériault
Roberto Marrocco
Roger Bart
Roman Oryschuk
Rosalie Brault
Ruccolo + Faubert Architectes Inc.

Saint-Hilaire Inc.
Salim Adamon
Samuel Aubé
Sandra & Leo Kolber Foundation
Saverio Ferrara
Scott Rodger
Sébastien Delvecchio
Sectoral Asset Management Inc.
Sécurité Polygon Inc.
SEMS – Jacques Demers
Serge Boucher
Serge Gouin
Serge Lavoie
Serge Marineau
Serge Ostiguy
Serge Thiboutot
Services Hilo Inc.
Services Médicaux E. Lila Amirali Inc.
Services Toitures Hogue Inc.
Simon Elgbeili
Simon-Pierre Péladeau
SIROY Construction
Sogest Construction Inc.
Sonia Veillette
Sophie Clermont
Sophie Decorwin
Sophie Dufault
Sophie Lamonde
Sophie Laplante
Spencer Stuart
Starlight Investments Ltd
Stéphane Boutros
Stéphane Breault
Stéphane Léger
Stéphanie Couture and Nicolas Chevalier
Stephen Métayer
Steve Arsenault
Steven & Sandra Alberga
Susan Labrecque
Susan Lacoste
Suzanne Leblanc
Svitlana Moskovchenko
Sweibel Novek L.L.P.
Sylvain Belleville
Sylvain Bergeron
Sylvain Desgagnés
Sylvain Lebel
Sylvestre & Co.
Sylvie Bourdon
Sylvie Sahyoun
SYRUS Réputation

Tamelo Boutique
Tapis National
The AGF Group Foundation
The Allen Goldenberg Family Foundation
The Boiler Inspection and Insurance Company of Canada
The Northern Trust Company – Canada
Therese Champagne
Thérèse Francoeur
Thor Urbana Capital
Tien Tai Lê
Tiffany Belliardo
TLA Architectes Inc.
TMR Executive Hockey League
Tommy Perrotta
Trisura Guarantee Insurance Company

Urgence Marine Inc.

Van Loc Tran Optométriste inc.
Véronique Boulet
Vincent Ménard
Virgile, Amaryllis, Martin et Clément NAUTON
Viviane Cauden

Waifong Chung
WCPD Foundation
Woods LLP

Xavier Roesch
Xiao Hong Wu

Yoland Arbour
Yury Shmuylovich
Yves Dagenais
Yves Harel
Yves Lanthier
Yves Lauzon
Yves Mongeau
Yvon Brisebois
Yvon Lefebvre

37 anonymous
10102814 Canada Inc
11154010 Canada inc. (Olie&K)
2640 3402 QUEBEC INC
3208851 Canada Inc.
9168-5909 Québc inc.

$1,000 and more


À L’Apéro Inc.
A.P.G.C.G.Q. Inc.
A+ Entrepreneurs Généraux
Aaron Fransen
Aastha Shipping Inc.
Abdelaziz Maache
Aboubacar Tabouré
Accès Location +
Achille Joyal
Adam Goldberg
Adel Awada
Adelina Marchica
ADF Group Inc.
ADI – Audio Distributors International
Administration Portuaire de Montréal
Affinerie CCR, Une Compagnie Glencore
Agentis Capital Advisors
AGF Management Limited
Agnès Bastin Jutras
Agrigratte Ltée – Pro-Fusion
Ahmed Zaki El Haffaf
Aimée Cacopardo
Aino Arik
Airpro Ventilation Inc.
Aïssata Bangoura
Aladin Et Ses Friandises II
Alain Brunelle
Alain Chalut
Alain Kamel and Mariella Lo Papa
Alain Létourneau
Alain Ouzilleau
Alain Précourt
Alain Quimper
Alain Rivest
Alepin Gauthier Avocats Inc.
Alex Germanotta
Alexander Haniotis
Alexandra Dubé MD inc
Alexandra Ricard de la Durantaye
Alexandre Deslauriers and François Otis Pharmaciens Inc.
Alexandre Flamand Villeneuve
Alexandre Huot
Alexandre Kénol
Alexandre Lamarre
Alexandre Soulieres
Alexie Amyotte
Ali Lakhdari
Alice Sidorow
Alimentation L’Épicier
Allen DeJean
Alloyco International Inc.
Alogient Inc.
Alsco Canada Corporation
Altium Architecture de Patrimoine inc.
Alumilex Manufacture
Amada Pilon Israel
Amélie Léger
Aménagement De Sousa
Amerex (Canada) Ulc
Amlea Avocats | Attorneys
Amont Analytiques Inc.
Amundi Canada inc.
Anabela Santos Silva
Andre Belair
André Bonneville
André Charpentier
André Codère
André Dubuc
Andre Le Bel
André L’Espérance
André Longtin
André Pratte
André Ratelle
André Sincennes
André Stein
André Veilleux
André Zakrzewski
André Zanga
Andréanne Rioux-Morin
Andrée Dolbec
Andrée G. Olivier Welt
Andrée LApointe Leclerc
Andrée Lemyre
Andrew Dutkewych
Andrew Marble
Andrew Paterson
Andrew Penhale
Andrew Zaccardo
Angela Buckman
Angela Chirinian
Angela Price
Angèle Lemire
Anh Hung Tham
An-Lap Vo-Dignard
Anna Baybourtian
Anna Bordonaro
Annaik Heurtel Horn
Anne De Vernal
Anne-Marie Cantatore
Anne-Marie Hubert
Annette Sansoucy
Annette Thayer
Annette Thibodeau Moreau
Annie Giraudou
Annie Haché
Anthony Frayne
Anthony Spadaro
Antoine Bigenwald
Antoinette Caltagirone
Antonietta Fusco-Mancini
Antonietta Petti
Antonino Piazza
Antonio Barretta
Antonio Di Schiavi
Antonio Pannunzio
Antony Rizzuto
Apotex Inc.
Applied Electronics Limited
Ariane St John
Ariel-Ellie-Maude-Minh Thanh
Armand Melki
Armande Milette
Armoires Contessa inc.
Arnaldo Iannetti
Arthier (2633-2312 Québec inc.)
Asama Khan-Bin Zain
Asanti Construction inc.
Ascenseur Actuel Inc.
Assante Groupe Chevalier Meunier
Association des Agents de Douanes
Association des Églises Coréennes de Montréal
Association des médecins endocrinologues du Québec
Association Patronale des Ent. en Construction du Québec
Astek Canada – Meritek
Atelier D’usinage Jules Roberge Inc
Atome Construction
Aude Rigault
Audrey Gauvin Couture
Aurélie Ferguson
Autobus Yves Séguin Et Fils
Avison Young
Axioma Inc.
Ayman Khalil

B Chiasson
BainUltra Inc.
Banque Laurentienne – Financement Immobilier
Banque Nationale – Secteur TI
Bardagi Family Foundation
Basile Angelopoulos
Bassam Abdulkarim
BC Unlimited Liability Company
BDT & Company
Bélanger Longtin, avocats, s.e.n.c.
Belinda Reyes Mayo
Bell Média
Bellemont Powell Ltd
Belron Canada Inc.
Benito Peries
Benoit Lacoste Bienvenue
Benoît Le Blanc
Benoît McDuff
Benoît Millette
Benoît Risi
Berata Conserve
Bergeon-Jetté Foundation
Bernadette Boucher Aylwin
Bernadette McLaughlin
Bernard Arnold
Bernard Barrucco
Bernard Beugnot
Bernard Bigras
Bernard Gauthier Foundation
Bernard Rodier
Beryl Goldman
Bianca Matei
Bilodeau Inox
Bisson Expert
Bita Cattelan
Bitume Québec
Blixo, Inc.
Blueprint Properties Inc
BlueStar Canada
BMO Banque de Montréal
Bmo Nesbitt Burns Inc.
Bny Mellon Wealth Management, Advisory Services
Bois de foyer Rive-Nord inc.
Boucherie La Généreuse
Bouge Studio Actif
Bourassa Boyer Inc.
Bradley Toogood
Brassard Goulet Yargeau
Brian Mustard
Brivia Group inc.
Bruce Ferman

C3 Solutions
Calin Oros
Camionnage C.P. Inc
Campbell Menard
Canada Guaranty
Canada’s Children’s Hospital Foundations
Canadian Meat Council
Canaropa (1954) Inc.
Candid Contracting Ltd
Canoe Financial
Caprion Biosciences
Cardinal Logistique
Carl Attie
Carla Beltrami
Carmela Frassetti and Joey Saputo
Carmelle Lévesque Thiboutot
Carmen Miras
Carole Rivet
Carolina Rinfret
Caroline Dickey
Caroline Harnois
Caroline Hild
Caroline Tohmé
Carolyn Jewett
Cassandre Aras
Catalin Nelutu Neacsu
Catherine Guèvremont
Catherine Lowe
Catherine Rabret-Laporte
Catherine Rowe and John Di Gironimo
Catherine Taché
Cécile Laforest
Céline Blanchet
Céline Boulanger
Céline Goulet Dumais
Céline Massé Picard
Céline Veillette Drapeau
Centre Académique de Lanaudière
Centre Académique Fournier
Centre De Soins Dentaires E.S Inc
Centre dentaire A. Plouffe & Associés inc.
Centre Dentaire de la Gare
Centre du partage de Valleyfield inc.
Centre du sport Alary Inc.
Céramique A.Pilot et Fils Ltée
Chandra Magill
Chanel Alepin
Chantal Bernier et Jacques Foisy
Chantal Delisle
Charitable Foundation of Carquest and Worldpac (Canada) Ltd./
Charles Jenkins
Charles M. Taylor
Charles River Associates
Charlie Simard-Duguay
Charlotte Keroack
Charlotte Mallet
Cheng-Han Shih
Chia Hui Tseng
Chi-Chung Chan
Chomedey Hyundai
Christian Bourbonnière
Christian Contreras
Christian De Sève
Christiane Bourassa
Christiane E. Boileau
Christiane Pérodeau
Christiane Potel
Christiane Robert-Guertin
Christine Ayoub
Christine Dufour
Christine Reux and Pierre Nollet
Christophe Guichou
Christopher Adams
Christopher Brind’Amour
Christopher Goddard
Chrome & Zinc C.J.G.M. INC.
Chubb Insurance Company of Canada
CIBC Asset Management Inc.
Cie De Publication Alpha Inc
Cindy Said Family
Claire Delisle Léger
Claire Lamontagne-Chatel
Claire Petel-Renaud
Claire Robertson
Claude Baril
Claude Cajolet
Claude Crevier
Claude Dalphond
Claude Decelles
Claude Fagnan
Claude Marcille
Claude Riopel
Claude S. Castonguay
Claude-André Bois
Claude-André Lavergne
Claudette Gareau
Claudette Lacroix
Claudette Miron-Lépine
Claudette Morin Cossette
Claudia Iacono
Claudie Hugueney
Claudine Mary
Claudine Otis
Claudy Nelson
Clément Dugas
Clinique Dentaire Daniel Zilio Inc.
Clinique dentaire Laflamme et Leblanc Inc.
Clinique d’Ergothérapie de Repentigny (1994) Inc.
Clinique D’Orthodontie Dr. Frédéric Lavoie
Clinique Du Dr. Kiss Inc.
Clinique Physiothérapie Des Monts
Clinique Visuelle de Longueuil
Club Jouet Inc.
Club Optimiste St-François
Club Optimiste Verdun Inc.
Club Piscine CPPQ inc.
Club Sociale Toscano Inc.
Club Zahlé Montréal
Coboom inc.
Colacem Spa Et Colacem Canada Inc.
Colette Hui
Colette Pierrot
Colette Sills
Collège Jean-de-Brébeuf
Collège Letendre
Collège Saint-Hilaire
Combined Insurance Company of America
Communauté de la Résidence Caléo
Complexe Auto Plus Inc.
Conception Mario Adornetto
Congrégation des Soeurs de Notre-Dame du Saint-Rosaire
Constant Campanozzi
Construction Djl
Construction Djl Inc. – Ag. Gaspésie 2
Construction G20 Inc.
Construction Gilles Chaîné Inc.
Construction Lorac Inc.
Construction Nordex
Construction Vergo inc.
Constructions M Inc.
Consultation Réal Jacob (9102-0156 Québec Inc.)
Coradin Inc.
Corrado De Stefano
COTE 100 Inc.
Cpu Service Inc
Crédit Suisse Securities (Usa) Llc
Cromwell Management Inc.
Cygest Inc
Cynthia Ratthé
Cyril Paciullo

Dale Maccandlish Weil
Dallaire Consultants
Daluma Sen
Dan Whitham
Dan Bonitatibus
Dana Bober
Danick Croisetière
Daniel Bohbot
Daniel Chenard
Daniel Guindon
Daniel Handfield
Daniel Imbeault
Daniel Lachapelle
Daniel Larivée
Daniel Picard
Daniel Poitras
Daniel Simpson
Daniel Solomita
Daniel Thérien
Danièle Choinière
Daniele Marinelli
Danièle Perron
Danielle Laramée
Danielle Lortie
Danielle Proulx David
Danielle Rodrigue
Danielle T. Paiement
Danny Cameron
Danny Pauzé
Dans Le Sac
Dario Montoni
Dave Charland
David Anselmo
David Ferrante
David Maréchal
David Massé
David McLauchlan
David Whittall
Davola Holdings Inc
Dbmd inc.
Dctex Inc
Deans Knight Capital Management
Deborah Biondino
Decarie Plumbing and Heating Ltd
Delmar International Inc.
Delores Ranglin
Déneigement Sig-Nature
Denis Chaurette
Denis Drolet
Denis Gauvreau
Denis Malouin
Denis Samoisette
Denise Deriger
Denise Houle
Denise Tardif Hamel
Denyse St-Germain
Denyse Thouin
Deschênes Group Inc.
Développement professionnel continu
Devencore Ltd.
Dexcom Canada, CO.
Dharamlall Dhanraj
Diageo Approvisionnement Mondial
Diana Ferrara
Diana Hadjetian
Diane Benoît and Steve Foley, CFA
Diane Coté
Diane Dallaire Talbot
Diane Duplin
Diane Felx
Diane Long
Dick Molloy
Diego Bellabarba
Diego Mastroianni
Dionne Avocats Inc.
Djoser Solutions Inc
Do Son Duong
Docteure Nathalie Lucas Inc.
Dominic Désy
Dominic Tetreault
Dominique Andry
Dominique Cyr
Dominique Ruest
Dominique Thabet
Dominique Verret
Don Alberga
Donald Riendeau
Donatella Crivello
Donato Matteo
Donna Zabarauskas
D’Onofrio Insurance
Dorothy Whitaker
Dounia Berrada
Dr Aline Roy Inc.
Dr Aniela Pruteanu Ignea
Dr Benoit De Varennes Inc
Dr C.S Boodhun Inc.
Dr Kevork Manoukian inc.
Dr Marc Ménard inc.
Dr René Caissie Maxillofacial Inc.
Dr. Aaron Edgar Assedou
Dr. Benoît Giordano
Dr. Bradley Osterman
Dr. Claire Allard Dansereau
Dr. Dominic Venne
Dr. Edgard E. Delvin
Dr. Émilie Goodyear
Dr. François Bertrand, MDCM, Inc.
Dr. Isabel De Palma
Dr. Isabelle Verdy
Dr. Jeanne-Nicole Faille
Dr. Julie Desroches
Dr. Koto Furue
Dr. Lan-Anh Vu
Dr. Louis Geoffroy
Dr. Marie-Agnès Costisella
Dr. Martha L. McKinney
Dr. Martine Favreau
Dr. Matsanga Leyila Kaseka
Dr. Maxime Elfassy
Dr. Mylène Wilhelmy
Dr. Nancy Poirier
Dr. Patricia Bortoluzzi
Dr. Patricia Egerszegi
Dr. Silvana Barone
Dr. Sophie Turpin
Dr. Thuy-Tien Vo
Dr. Tuoc Huynh, D.M.D.
Drain Mpr
Dre Louise Piché Inc
Dre Ngoc Nga Lam
Dr. Anabel Carmel
DRW Canada Co
Duret et Landry Inc
Duro Dyne Canada Inc.
Dynamitage St-Pierre (1987) Inc.

E.W.W. Conseils Inc.
Eberhard Rado
Eberhard Von Huene & Associates Inc.
ECL Mécanique Inc.
Edouard Clement
Edouars Salomons
Électrique Perfection Inc.
Eleni Riga
Elias Noujaim
Elisabeth Codsi
Elise Benny
Élise Bourret
Elite Cardiology Group Inc.
Elizabeth Lebaron
Elize Muller
Elliot Hickey
Élodie-Jeanne Kalisz
Eloisa Giusti
Éloise Wagner
Elsa Fasciano
Emilie Dumas & Sylvain Savignac
Émilie Lechasseur
Émilienne Lefloic
Emmanuel Benetos
Emmanuel Préville-Ratelle Avocat Inc.
Emmanuelle Bourdelais
Emmanuelle Robichaud
Employés de ABB Électrification Canada SRI
Encarnacion Obana
Engel & Völkers
Entreprises Importfab Inc.
Entretien Gracia Gauthier
Entretien Ménager Freshnet
Environnement Routier NRJ Inc.
Enzo Reda
Épilepsie Montréal Métropolitain
Équijustice Lanaudière Sud
Equipbureau Canada Inc.
Équipe Francis McKenzie
Équipe Indigo Inc.
Equitable Bank
ERFA Canada 2012 inc.
Éric Bruneau
Éric Cadorette
Éric Caudron
Eric Hamid
Eric Pinard
Éric Szöghy
Eric Taillon
Éric Thauvette
Erik J. Ryan
Erika Perigny
Ernest Waldis
Espace Flo
Espacium Société Immobilière
Esther Joubert
Eugène Bordian
Eunice Baldwin
Evelyn Boisseau
Excavation Talbot
Excellence Hydraulique Inc.
Exect Groupe Conseil Inc.
Externat Sacré-Coeur

F&A Armstrong Inc.
Fabienne Valette
Fady Hammal
Fahim Rahmani
Familiprix Bois-des-Filion / 9310-9395 Québec Inc
Familiprix Extra – Jean-François Lafrance
Famille de Paule Rondeau et Stéphane Houle
Faucher Industries div. Industries RAD
Félix Hudon
Felton & Associates Insurance Inc.
Farhnam Farms Ltd.
Fernando Courchesne & Fils Ltée
Fernando Falciglia
Ferney Machado Luna
Filles d’Isabelle de Gaspé #999
Finance Scrampions
Flocor Inc.
Florence Lastère
Follosoft inc.
Fondation ACTIV
Fondation Compagnom
Fondation Denise Dagenais
Fondation des Arméniens d’Égypte Inc.
Fondation Desautels Duguay
Fondation Famille Lupien
Fondation Joie & Sourires d’enfants
Fondation Martin Matte
Fondation St-Hubert
Fonds de bienfaisance des employés de Rheinmetall Canada
Fonds de dotation Jean-Marc Trudel
FONDS de solidarité FTQ – Active Management
Fonds Ghislaine Rondeau
Fonds philanthropique Sylvie Lebeau
Forme Studio Architecture
Fortex Cnstruction
Fouad Geara
France Bourdon
France Lampron
France Venne
Franchisseur shaker cuisine et mixologie
Francine Aubut
Francine De Coste
Francine St-Gelais
Francis Beaujault
Francis Dumont
Francis Labonté
Francis Lacharite
Franco Gadoury
François Désautels
Francois Dore
François Huppé
François Monarque
François Olivier
François Périard
Francois Verner
Françoise Collette
Françoise Dumitrescu
Françoise Ouimet
François-Xavier Lacasse
Frank Lareau Inc.
Frank Mathieu
Frank Senecal
Frantz Plesimond
Frédéric Lavoie Orthodontiste inc.
Frédéric Yale-Leduc
Frédérique Latraverse
Frontières Jardins
Fruit Dome
FSA Architecture Inc.
Fu Yan Si Tu
Fulvia Broggi
Fuze Hr Solutions Inc
FX Innovation

G. B. Cotton Inc
Gabriel Beaupré Poirier
Garderie Boule d’énergie
Garderie Château de Rêve Inc.
Garderie Les Minous De Mamie
Garival s.e.c.
Gary Zourikian
Gascon Et Associés S.E.N.C.R.L.
Gaspar Pupo Diaz
Gaudreau Assurances Inc.
Génération Spas 2000 inc.
Généreux Construction Inc.
Geneviève Boulva
Geneviève Rochette Gratton
Gens De Caraquet Généreux
George Evangeliou
George Kalantzis
George Wolowski
Georges Ashby
Georges Cliche
Georges J. Dourte
Georges Karam
Georges Langis
Georgette St-Laurent Lefebvre
Georgette Therien
Gerald Lutfy
Gerpro Construction Inc.
Gestion Bellerive
Gestion Boulé-Tremblay Inc.
Gestion Construction Rive-Nord
Gestion D G Guibault Ltée
Gestion Denis Chicoine Et Fils Ltee
Gestion Genalex Inc.
Gestion Immobiliere Gm
Gestion Multiprojets A L Inc.
Gestion Patrick Pelletier Inc.
Gestion Paul Dumas Inc.
Gestion Pierre Joron Inc.
Gestion R Léon inc.
Gestion Rivière Du Diable
Gestion Valbal inc.
Gestions Anshemyda Inc.
Gestions Dulong & Damphousse inc.
Gestions Sylvain Bérubé Inc.
Ghislaine Primeau
Ghyslaine Cayouette Goyer
Giant Factories Inc.
Gidavin Inc.
Gift Funds Canada
Gift Funds Canada
Gilbert and Johanne Normand
Gilles Boulet
Gilles G. Sauvé
Gilles Lane
Gilles Larochelle
Gilles Ouellet
Gilles Pétrin
Gillespie-Munro Inc.
Ginette Groleau
Ginette Larcher
Ginette Nadon
Ginette Prairie
Ginette Sainte-Marie
Giocchino Latino
Giovanna De Santis
Giovanni Goffredo
Giovanni Simonetta
Giuseppe Primerano
Globe Mobilité
GMS Technologies
Godefroy Alain Cardinal M.D. Inc.
Gora Mondal
Gorski Group Ltd
GP Conceptal
Grace Cheung
Graveur Bolduc Ouimet
Great-West Life
Green Garden – 9399-7203 Quebec Inc.
Greg Southam
Greg Tsagogeorgas
Grégory Belhumeur
Group Caisse Signature Service
Group Mach
Groupe BC2
Groupe Comptinc inc.
Groupe Conseil Fxinnovation Inc
Groupe Cyncor
Groupe Déjeuner MTL
Groupe Dynamitek-Division de 9168-3904 Québec Inc.
Groupe Financier Finvest Inc.
Groupe Julmat Inc.
Groupe Kent, RBC Dominion Valeurs Mobilières
Groupe Lafrance Inc.
Groupe LMT inc.
Groupe MMO Inc. / Vast-Auto Distribution Ltée
Groupe NCN Cardinal inc.
Groupe P.M. Inc.
Groupe Premier Médical
Groupe santé DuCoRe inc.
groupe sutton – québec
GS Douville
Guillaume Lupien
Guillaume Racine
Guillaume Vigeant
GURU Beverages Inc.
Guy Berthelet
Guy Deraspe
Guy F. Chabbert
Guy Marois
Guy Normandeau
Guy Ouellette Member for Chomedey
Guy Painchaud
Guy Valiquette
Guylain Leclerc
Guylaine Audet

Hady Gemayel
Halato Yacoub
Haleh Amin Alshariati
Haley Fishman
Hameed Panju
Hamelin Picard Beauvais
Hamid Benane
Hamza Ali
Hani Basile
Hania Djellout
Hans Hartmann
Happy Kids
Harold Brownstein
Harold Harrisson
Harold Nickerson
Harvey Levenson
Hedwige Saint-Gelais
Hélène Achard
Hélène Besré
Hélène Colin
Hélène Crôteau
Hélène Malo
Hélène Pelletier Baillargeon
Hélène Perron-Tremblay
Hélène Rabellino
Hemela Pourafzal
Henri Pastorel
Hexwing Inc
Holmested & Associés LLP
Horizon Capital Holdings
Horst Hagen
Howard Tanzer
Howick Foundation
Hugh Sutcliffe
Hugo Dubreuil

Ibm Canada Ltd.
IBM Head Office
Ibrahim Diabate
IGA Longueuil Les Marchés Valérie et Martin
Immobillier Carbonleo
Industries Vanier
Indy-Co Inc.
Inès Pontiroli
Institut Soeurs de l’Immaculée
Insulet Canada Corporation
Investissements Eliwillden inc.
Investissements Tntnt Inc.
Irène D’Almeida
Irina Lazariciu
Isabel Lachance
Isabelle Hardy
Isabelle Miron
Isabelle Viger
Ismael Jose Jiemenez
Israel Tei

Ivan Illyushchenko
J. Chalhoub Holdings Ltd.
J.L. Priest Inc.
Jack Dym
Jacqueline Ngom
Jacques Bourrelle
Jacques Custeau
Jacques De Block
Jacques Destrempes
Jacques Filion
Jacques Fréchette
Jacques Gaudreau
Jacques Lalumière
Jacques L’Archevêque
Jacques Le Lorier
Jacques Lebeuf
Jacques Maurice
Jacques Parisien
Jacques Prud’Homme
Jacques Régis
Jacques Savary
Jacques Theriault
Jacques Yelle
Jade Gratton
Janice Sicard
Jarislowsky, Fraser Limited
Jason Knowles
Jason Sabbagh
Jasun Taparauskas
Javier Arancibia
Jawdat Khawam
jaymie guy-meiling
JCB Entrepreneurs Généraux inc.
Jean Brabant
Jean Chenette
Jean Claude Maheu
Jean Crépeau
Jean Éric Laferriere
Jean G. Feltrin
Jean Lafontaine
Jean Laperle
Jean Limoges
Jean Marchand
Jean Meilleur
Jean Morency
Jean Mourant
Jean Saia
Jean Simon
Jean Stanciu
Jean Walusinski
Jean-Charles Angers
Jean-Charles Nayebi
Jean-Christophe Carvalho
Jean-Denis Brisson
Jean-Denis Talon
Jean-François Babin
Jean-François Brault
Jean-François Chaput
Jean-François Courchesne
Jean-François Courtoy
Jean-François Hould
Jean-François Lanthier
Jean-François Leprince
Jean-François Mauger
Jean-Guy Deschambault
Jean-Guy Petitclerc
Jean-Jacques Frémeaux
Jean-Marie Bond
Jean-Marie Martel
Jean-Michel Bonin
Jeanne d’Arc Donatelli
Jeannette Lazure
Jean-Nicolas Delage
Jean-Paul Alain
Jean-Paul Marty
Jean-Philippe Drainville
Jean-Pierre Bart
Jean-Pierre Latour
Jean-Pierre Trépanier
Jean-Yves Gonthier
Jeff McBride
Jeffrey Tory
Jelena Neylan
Jennifer Rokas
Jeremie Duchesneau Allali
Jérôme Morel
Jérôme Patry-Morissette
Jessica Courtois
Jibril Berkani
Jim Lussier-Séguin
Jing Pan
Joan Galley
Joanie Légaré
Joanie Paquin
Jocelyne Dion Tourville
jocelyne therrien
Jodabe & Les Griffés
Joël Lorrain
Joëlle Désaulniers
Johanne O’Bomsawin Carroué
Johanne Tousignant
John and Caroline Kalaydjian
John Gilgan
Johnson & Jonhson
Jolyann Gill-Richard
Jonathan Dorval
Jonathan Ladouceur, Avocat
Jonathan Melmed
Jorge Paredes
Jose Ursua
Josée Bonneau
Josée Gauthier Tétrault
Josée Maheux
Josée St-Denis
Joseph Cavalancia
Joseph El-Achkar
Joseph Matusz
Joseph Seccareccia
Josiane Alexandre
Journault-Jourplex Inc.
Judith Allard
Judith Dagenais
Jules Laliberté
Julie Landreville
Julie Riel
Julie Thibaudeau
Julie Turner
Julien De La Riera
Julien Montreuil
Julien Pillot
Julius Spivack
Justine Lacoste

K+S Windsor Salt Ltd.
Kalliopi Primbas
Kamel Khouatmi Boukhatem
Karaté Sportif Ville Mont-Royal
Karel Willem Boon
Karen Cahill
Karim Ibrahim
Karine Assal
Karine Goyette
Karl Donolo
Kathie Deneault
Kathleen Metcalfe
Katia Marquier
Ke Yang
Keira Capital Partners Inc.
Keith Gavin
Kelly Faria
Ken Bentham
Keurig Canada Inc.
Kevin A. McDonald
Kevric Real Estate Corporation
Khelil Hafiz
Kim-Chi Luu
Kinda Issa
Klara Burger
Kliger Family Foundation
Krocean Society (Dioscouri)
Kruger Trois-Rivières S.E.C.

L2C Experts-Conseils inc.
La Compagnie Moruzzi Limitée
La Cuvée d’hiver
La Ruée
Laila Valin
Landr Audio Inc.
Langlois Avocats
Lareau Courtiers D’assurances
Laura Palladini
Laurence Cromp-Lapierre
Laurence St-Aubin
Laurentiu Obrocaru
Laval Boulianne
LBC International Juricomptabilité Inc.
le fit zone
Le Groupe Experts Conseils P.M. Inc.
Le groupe immobilier Oxford
Le Groupe Maurice inc.
Leah Leekam
Lee Arthur
Léo Locas
Leopold Pizzi
Les Acadiens en Ville
Les Aliments Volta
Les Atocas de l’Érable Inc.
Les Carrelages Serco Inc.
Les chirurgiens D.G.P.S. Inc.
Les Constructions Martek
Les Consultants d’Affaires M.J.M.
Les entreprises de Maçonnerie MAT
Les Entreprises NB Excavation Inc
Les Entreprises PEP 2000 inc.
Les Entreprises Sublimum Inc.
Les Entreprises Victor et François Inc.
Les Entreprises Westco Inc.
Les Équipements Polychem inc.
Les Filles d’Isabelle de Boucherville – Cercle Mgr Poissant #1025
Les Laboratoires Charles River Montréal ULC
Les Productions Daniel Blondin
Les Produits Cottonia 2000 inc.
Les Sables Thouin Inc.
Les Toitures Brideau Inc.
Les vergers Leahy inc.
Les Volailles & Gibiers Fernando Ferrarelli
Lessard et Associe CPA inc.
L’Express Hydraulique Inc
Li Ko Yen
Libarid Guluzian
Liberta Amaral
Lilian Harper
Liliane Clément
Linda and Guy Marier
Linda Bureau
Line Bourdeau
Line et Guylaine Bellemare
Line Poudrier
Lionel Spénard
Lipari Demenagement & Entreposage Ltee
Lise Ducharme
Lise Lapolice
Lise Picotte
Lise Rondeau
Lise Vallières
Lisette Duval
Lisette Mercille

Location Le Gardeur
Lody Roborel De Climens
Logibec inc.
Logiciel Prospect inc.
Lombardi Honda Inc.
Lorenco Steel Inc.
Loretta Hung
Lorraine Durette
Lorraine Isabelle
Lorraine Lagacé
Lorraine Nolet
Loubna Azami
Louis Lizotte
Louis Tassé
Louis Thériault
Louise Bienvenu-Morin
Louise Cardinal
Louise Claveau-Côté
Louise Drapeau
Louise Gaudet
Louise Lacoursière
Louise Lessard
Louise Michaud
Louise Philibert
Louise Pomerleau
Louise Rheault
Louise Van Doesburg
Louis-Émile Villeneuve
Louis-Georges Ste-Marie
Louis-Martin O’Neill
Louis-Philippe Saucier
Luc Delangis
Luc Mercier
Luc Richard
Luc Vallée
Lucette Garnesson
Lucia Ferracane
Lucie Banville
Lucie Béchard
Lucie Bernier
Lucie Bourgault
Lucie Gravel
Lucie Jutras Paiement
Lucie Longpré
Lucie Messier
Lucie Milot
Lucie Rémillard
Lucie Sigouin-Cousineau
Lucie Turcot
Lucille Lajeunesse
Ludmila Bovet
Luigi Dalle Nogare
Luigi Liberatore
Luigi Liberatore Foundation
Luisa De Grazia
Luisales Toussaint
Lune Rouge Inc.
Lunetterie VU
Lydia Bessai
Lydie Reynaud
Lyne Bisaillon
Lyne Boily
Lyne Faucher
Lyne Santerre
Lyne Toupin

M.A. Droit Et Stratégie D’Affaires
M.F. Wirth Rail Corporation
Mackenzie Investments
Madeleine Corriveau Jutras and Clément Jutras
Madeleine Guérin
Madeleine Lainé
Madeleine Mailloux
Madeleine Roussel
Magnoudewa Pana
Mahdi Bouabdallah
Maira Lebron
Maison Maurice Houle
Majestic Laser
Mallette Inc.
Manac Inc.
Manon Declos
Manon Pelletier Lareau
Manon Peterkin
Manon Racicot
Manon St-Laurent
Manon Thivierge
Manulife The Manufacturers Life Insurance Company
Marc André Viau
Marc Aubry
Marc Dorion
Marc Durocher
Marc Ghobriel
Marc Lefort
Marc Lepage
Marc Massicotte
Marc Melancon
Marc Paradis
Marc Plamondon
Marc Potvin
Marc Vautier
Marc-André Allaire
Marc-André Aubé
Marc-André Belzile
Marc-André Coulombe
Marc-André Dépin
Marc-André Godard
Marc-André Quesnel
Marc-Antoine Desjardins
Marcel Blain
Marcel Lacelle
Marcel Ladouceur
Marché Duchemin et Frères inc.
Marché Grenier Inc.
Marché Robert Tellier (1990) Inc.
Marcio Flores
Marco Laliberte
Marco Santoro
Marco Vendramini
Margherite Aloisio
Marguerite Duchesnay
Marian Jakubowicz
Marie Durand
Marie Haroun
Marie Leblanc-Hébert
Marie-Christine Dea
Marie-Claude Boucher
Marie-Claude Lebel
Marie-Claude Vadnais
Marie-Ève Désilets
Marie-Eve Langevin
Marie-Ève Théorêt
Marie-France Barbier
Marie-France Craig
Marie-France Genest
Marie-France Laberge M.D. Inc
Marie-Françoise Beauchamp
Marie-Josée Laganière
Marie-Laure Vibien
Mariella Collini
Marielle Bernier Deslandes
Marielle Laporte
Marieme Ndiaye
Marie-Michèle Collerette
Marie-Michelle Cayer
Marie-Michelle Pathy
Marie-Pier Lambert – Collecte de fonds
Marie-Pier Lauzon-Laprise
Mariette Magnan
Marilène Provost
Mariloup Wolfe
Mario Gamache
Mario Joseph
Mario Viglione
Marius Bouchard
Marjorie Leon
Ma-Ro Aluminium Ltée
Martin Blondeau
Martin Clouâtre
Martin Desrochers
Martin Forget
Martin Francoeur
Martin Frenette
Martin Healey
Martin Lapointe
Martin Leclair
Martin Lévesque
Martin Pinel
Martin Piotte
Martin Ricard
Martin Roberge
Martin St-André MD Inc
Martin Vidal
Martine Brassard
Martine Pedneault
Martine Pelletier
Martine Rivard
Maryse Desbiens
Maryse Lassonde
Maryse Ulrich and Jean Fortier
Marziella Di Penna
Matériaux Rémi Quesnel
Mathieu Brisebois
Mathieu Dubord
Mathieu Henley
Mathieu Lacombe
Mathieu Paré
Mathieu Perreault
Mathieu Vaillancourt
Maude Leblond
Maude Mondou
Maurice Chaillou
Maurice Lachaine
Maxim Simoneau
Maxime Beauregard
Maxime Deschamps
Maxime Latreille
Maya Heat Transfer Technologies Ltd.
Mayka Ndefi
Mead Johnson Nutritionals
Médialliance inc.
Medtronic of Canada Ltd
Méga Calfeutrage Inc
Melanie Guilbert
Melina Falletta
Mélissa Saber and Olivier Tardif
Mélodie Couture
Metal Pless Inc
Michael Baratta
Michael Finnerty
Michael Sean Hanley
Michel Bélisle
Michel Berard
Michel Bolduc
Michel Chevrier
Michel Condoroussis
Michel Gil
Michel Hardy Architecte Inc.
Michel Jasmin
Michel Labrie
Michel Lacaille
Michel Lajoie
Michel Langelier
Michel Larouche
Michel Lussier Transport Ltée
Michel Mathon
Michel Pellerin
Michel Péloquin
Michel Poulos
Michel Richer
Michel Rioux
Michel Routhier
Michel St-Arneault Inc.
Michel Tessier
Michel Trudeau
Michel Vinet
Michele Furino
Michèle Henderson
Michèle Marineau
Michèle Perrier
Michèle Rozon
Micheline Bertrand
Micheline Clermont
Micheline Dubois
Micheline Pigeon
Micheline Prévost
Micheline Thibert
Michelle Henrichon
Michelle Lebel-Kirkham
Michelle Mackay
Michelle Pilon
Michelle Rochon
Miguel Arbour
Mikael Laferrière
Mikael Sage
Mike & Valeria Rosenbloom Foundation
Mike Santoianni
Millésime Group
Mitra K. Dibadj
Mo-Dern Construction
Mohammed Hassain
Mokhtar Osmani
Monelle Lussier
Moneris Solutions
Monique Dallaire
Monique Ferland-Gagné
Monique Giroux
Monique Kouadio
Monique Ménard
Monique Sylvestre
Montreal Comiccon
Montreal’s Sambentonense Association
Montship Inc.
Mor Ester Elgrably
Moreault Family Foundation Fund at the Foundation of Greater Montréal
Morena Del Gramde
Mounia Bouacida
Ms. Claude Lebel and Mr. Terry Tretiak
Mss Sports
Muraflex / Espace de vie
Murex North America Inc.
Muriel Rajotte
My Thanh Phan
Myalgic Encephalomyelitis of Victoria Association (M.E.V.A.)
Mylène Arjane
Myriam Stephens
Myriam-Hélène Savard
Myrlène Girault

Nabila Kardouh
Nada Kilo
Nadine Bernatchez
Nadine Osborne
Nadjah Bouaouiche
Najat Saidi
Naomi Ellingsen
Natalia Lazarenko
Natalie Byrns
Natasha Melillo
Nathalie Bachand, in honor of Jean-René Bachand
Nathalie Dion
Nathalie Marien
Nathalie Massie
Nathalie Maurer
Nathalie Palladitcheff
Nathalie Zerdelian
Navada Ltée
Neena Kanjur
Negah Ayatizadeh
Neptune Mars Avril Inc.
Nestlé Canada Inc.
Névine Bouzakhn
Newly Weds Foods Co.
Nexia Friedman
Ngoma Mizele
Nha Uyen Nguyen Luu
Niare Fatoumata
Nicandro Imbriglio
Nicholas Williams
Nicola D’Souza
Nicolas De Blois
Nicolas Duvernois
Nicolas Poisson
Nicole Bessette
Nicole D’Cunha
Nicole Desjarlais
Nicole Groulx Rainville
Nicole Jacob St-Pierre
Nicole Leduc St-Aubin
Nicole Nadai
Nicole Pierre
Nicole Saint-Pierre
Nicole Sirois
Nikolas Blanchette
Noël Desalliers
Noëlla Munger
Noemie Dupuy
Noémie St-Onge Scarlett
Nolan Rodrigues
Norgate Metal
Normand Gaudette
Normand Geoffrion
Normand Grimard
Normand Hamel
Normand Tétreault
Normandin Beaudry, Gestion Privée inc.
Notaires Beauchamp Cyr inc.

Odette Jobin-Laberge
Oenopole Inc.
Oeuvres sociales des Soeurs de Sainte-Marcelline
Olivier Bilodeau Lavoie
Olivier Greco
Olivier Kaade
Olivier Ringuet
Olivier Séguin
Omar Villegas
Omer Bousquet
ONCAP Management Partners LP
Opal-Rt Technologies Inc.
Open Skies Travel
Ophélie Arlet
Option Fortune, Cabinet De Services Financiers Et
Otéra Capital
Oury Dal Bianco
Oxford Properties Group

PAAJE Marketing and Sales inc.
Panagiotis Tsakiris
Paola Genovese
Paola Tiranardi
Papineau Avocats inc.
Parkbridge Lifestyle Communities Inc. Eastern Account
Pascal Bédard
Pascal Campeau
Pascal Jolicoeur
Pascal Labranche
Pascal Selam
Pascale Lefrançois
Pascale Vallant
Pat Fiore
Patrice Grenier
Patrice Lalande
Patrice Senécal
Patricia Skinner
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Paulette Veliotis
Pauline Major
Pauline Murdock
Pauline Shanks
Paulo Rodriguez
Paysagiste Michael C.
Paysagiste Sept Étoiles inc.
Pelegrinie Sangou Ndoumbe
Peluches & Compagnie
Perry Hervieux
Perry Mazzanti
Perspective psychologie organisationnelle Inc.
Peter Kruyt
Peter McLean
Peter Vrouvides
Petra Ltée
Petrie Raymond, CPA
Pharmacie Jean Coutu No.68
Pharmaprix Life Foundation
Pharmascience Inc.
Philip Black
Philip O’Brien
Philippe Bernard
Philippe Boisclair
Philippe Fortier
Philippe Frizon
Philippe Gosselin
Philippe Grubert
Philippe Ingham
Philippe Jünger
Philippe Leroux
Philippe Meunier
Philippe Rainville
Philippe Raymond
Philippe St-Jacques
Philippe Turgeon
Philippe Villiard
Photo Dream Booth Inc.
Phuong – Anh Hoang
Phuong Lan Do
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Pierre Belanger
Pierre Belisle
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Pierre Binette
Pierre Breault
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Pierre Carrier
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Pierre Meloche Family
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Pierre Rousseau
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Pierre Vincent
Pierre-Charles Deschênes
Pierre-Paul Savoie
Pierre-Paul Veillette
Pierrette Beausoleil
Pierrette Brûlé
Pierrette Soucy
Pino Gildone
Pirel Inc.
Placement Durand Lafortune
Placement LFT Inc.
Plamen Panajotov
Planchers Ludovic Pilon inc.
Plan-It Construction inc.
Playtika Canada Inc.
Plomberie G & G Limitée
Plomberie Signature SLM
Plx Sport Inc
Poids Plume-Sacs Réutilisables
Polar Bear’s Club
Poso Plus
Premier Industrial Hose Manufacturing ltd
Premium Brands Operating Limited Partnership
Productions Lynda Thalie
Professionals Financial
Protection incendie Idéal Inc.
PSB Boisjoli LLP
Publicis Canada Inc.*
Pur Immobilia Inc

Qiang Zhong Inc.
Québec Acoustique
Quincaillerie A.C.L. inc.
Quincaillerie Piette Enr.
Quincaillerie Rouville (9059-6321 Québec Inc)
Quoc Thinh Ha
Quoc-Nam Tran

R. Pinsonneault & Fils Ltée
Rachelle Paris
Rachid Laaguid
Radar Chasseurs De Talents – Placements AEM
Rainville Sonia
Ramcor Construction Inc.
Ramzi Hissin
Rana Aoun
Randstad Interim inc.
Rangement Plus Montréal Inc
Rania Mouchahoir
Rapido Métal inc.
Raymond Blais
Raymond Brasseur
Raymond Dalbec
Raymond Duquette
Raymond Giguère
Raymond James Canada Foundation
Raymond St-Louis
Raymonde Beaulieu
Raymonde Benoît
Raymonde Devost
Raymonde Guertin
Raynald Joubarne
RBC Foundation
RBF International Ltée
RD-ST Inc.
Réal Beauchemin
Réal Boivin
Réal D’Amours
Réal Parent
Redbourne Group Holdings Inc.
Régine Rimbault
Régis A Malenfant
Réjean Biron
Réjean Lafortune
Rémi Boutin
Rémi Marcoux
Remorques Le Convoi inc.
René Caissie
René Chartier
René Crête
René Daneau
René Drouin
René Marcotte
René Patenaude
René Tellier
Renée Laurin
Renée Méthot
Renette Pare
Rénovactif inc.
Rénovation Lafortune
Résidence Les Marronniers/Groupe Morzaco Inc.
ressources baie james inc
Restaurant Garde Manger
Restaurant Lyla
Restaurant Miel
Retouche Rapide ltée
Reyhaneh Rezaei
Reynah Pereira
Richard Beaudoin
Richard Berthiaume
Richard Boudreau
Richard Bourbonnais
Richard Bourget
Richard Dulgar
Richard Fecteau
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Richard Gauvin
Richard Gilbert
Richard Goulet
Richard Ishac
Richard Labrecque
Richard Laflamme
Richard Lord
Richard Martin
Richard Plante
Richard Sansfaçon
Richard Tanguay
Richard Warde
Rick Hayes
Rick Teodori
Riendeau Avocats
Rino Forgione
Rita Boucher Garceau
Rita Dupuis
Rita Morissette
Robert B. Melnyk
Robert Bastien
Robert Carelli
Robert Caron
Robert Cazavan
Robert Dubé
Robert Dumas
Robert Emer
Robert Farmer
Robert Ferron
Robert Hachey
Robert J Stampfl
Robert Jourdain
Robert Knapen
Robert Labelle
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Robert Letendre
Robert Martineau
Robert Spencer
Robert Steinman
Robert Talbot
Robert Tarte
Robert Thiel
Robin des Bas
Robin Fournel
Roch DeSerres
Roch Dutil
Rochette – Vezina IGA
Rodimax Inc.
Roger Arsenault
Roger Daigneault
Roger Landry
Roger Noel
Roger Perrault
Roger T. Duguay
Roland Brousseau
Roland Cousineau
Roland Gauthier
Roland Germain
Roland Hagnier
Roland Nadeau
Rollande Lemay
Ronald Blanchard
Ronel Rocher
Rosa Mollo
Roselle Jean
Roselyne Thibault
Rouben Khatchadourian
Rouge Boeuf Terrebonne
Roxane Hamelin
Roxane Robitaille
Ryan Gottlieb Holdings (3415678 Canada Inc.)

Sabrina Dello Sbarba
Sabrina Métayer
Saïd Ellaouzi
Saliha Mansouri
Salvatore Scalia
Sam Cohen Scali
Sam Lieblein
Samuel Boucher-Lemon
Samuel Chretien
Samuel Comtois
Sana Ghani
Santiago Barroso
Sarah Gendron
Saul S. Abracen and Family Foundation
Saulo Zuquim
Savvy Barbershop
SC 1945-06B
Schluter-Systems Canada Inc.
Sebastiani Maris
Sébastien Auger
Sébastien Bellefleur
Sebastien Doyon
Sebastien Garneau
Sébastien Laurier Chapleau
Sébastien Robillard
Sectus Technologies Inc.
Serge Béland
Serge Déry
Serge Deslauriers
Serge Desmarais
Serge Ethier
Serge Fortin
Serge Gingras
Serge Harvey
Serge Lesage
Serge Marcouiller
Serge Pagé
Serge Vachon
Serge Verreault
Sergio Angelo
Sérigraphie Concept Inc.
Service de Réfrigération Nord-Sud Inc.
TD Commercial Banking
Services Juridiques Aking Inc.
Services McSween
sespass trading inc.
Seth Rosenberg
Shanty Doucette Vachon
Shawn Zimmerman
Sheldon Elman
Sherif Karama
Shi GuiXiang
Sid Lee Architecture
Sika Canada Inc.
Simba Sabourin
Simon Boyer
Simon Coutu
Simon De Baene
Simon Hebert-Blanchard
Simon Lamarche
Simon Lespérance
Simon Madore
Simon Margel
Simon Noël
Simon Thibault-Vincent
Simon Wattiez-Duchesne
Simone Bourdages
Simone Czyborra
Simpkin/Ainsworth inc.
Simpro Construction
Sinyan Gantcheff
Siran Nahabedian
Société des Sciences Vasculaires du Québec
Société Immobilière Duguay
Sojag inc.
Solange Léger-Joyal
Solara Younger
Solotech Quebec Inc.
Solution DICI inc.
Solutions Infodex
Solutions Mieux-Être Lifeworks
Solutions Segic Inc.
Sonea Yousuf
Sonia Laprise
Soniplastics Inc.
Sonny Bouchard-Godin
Sonny Regachuelo
Sophie Belley
Sophie Chantal-Racine
Sophie Fernandes
Sophie Kaine-Roy
Sophie Prégent
Sorin Carjan
Soudure F.L.F. Inc.
Soudure Sven Ruttimann Inc.
Spa Le Finlandais
Sports aux Puces Roussillon Inc.
Stamatis Kobiliris
Stanley Sanon
Stanley Zipkin
Steeve Guay
Stella Marsolais
Stella Vassallo
Stephan Dolarian
Stephane Champagne
Stéphane Faust
Stéphane Fillion
Stéphane Lefebvre
Stephane Longval
Stéphane Lucas
Stéphane Maisonneuve
Stephane Mongeau
Stéphane Morneau
Stephane Pitre
Stéphane Proulx
Stephane Robert
Stéphane Vigneault
Stéphanie Bergot
Stéphanie Blouin
Stéphanie Cloutier
Stéphanie Cohen
Stéphanie Grondin
Stéphanie Laberge
Stephen & Colette Farrell
Steve Courey
Steven Finiffter
Steven Noseworthy Management Consultants Inc.
Steven Pimento
Steven St-Pierre
Steven Yan
Stores J. Fauteux
Strathallen Capital Corp.
STT Scolaire Gérald Séguin CSN
Sukhjinder Singh
Sure Good Foods
Susan Biner
Susan Dunn
SushiGo Plateau
Sussan A. Tsofac
Suzanne Boisvert
Suzanne Boudreault
Suzanne Breton
Suzanne Brunet
Suzanne Chagnon
Suzanne Charbonneau
Suzanne Chartré
Suzanne L. Dussault
Suzanne Laurendeau
Suzanne Phaneuf
Suzanne St-Marseille
Suzie Paquet
Sylvain Archambault
Sylvain Bouthillier
Sylvain Fontenelle
Sylvain Hébert
Sylvain Labarre
Sylvain Laperrière
Sylvain Mailhot
Sylvain Marc-Aurele
Sylvain Mongrain
Sylvain Piché
Sylvain Reid
Sylvain Rouleau
Sylvie Aubin
Sylvie Barbeau
Sylvie Bélanger
Sylvie Bourque
Sylvie Choquette
Sylvie Gélinas
Sylvie Hotte
Sylvie Lalonde
Sylvie Laniel
Sylvie Leduc
Sylvie Makhzoum
Sylvie Maltais
Sylvie Monette
Sylvie Pépin
sylvie renaud
Sylvie Rolland
Sylvie Théberge
Sylvio Grifo

Tamar Chamelian
Tamara Girard
Tangara Barbeau Germain
Tanya Ayotte
Tec Energy
Telesystem Ltd.
Téolindo Gonzalez
Teranga Gold Corporation
Teresa Starnino
Terry Karakatsanis
The Cadillac Fairview Corporation Limited
The Irving Ludmer Family Foundation
The Jean C. Monty Family
The Leonard and Alice Cohen Family Foundation
The McHugh Group Inc.
The Moe Levin Family Foundation
The Montreal Office
The Niro Family Foundation
Theodor Michalopoulos
Thérèse Côté
Thérèse Demers
Thérèse Dion Provencher
Thérèse Legendre
Thermolec Ltd
Thi Thao Truong
Thomas Devita
Thomas Tcheukam Ngaga
Tina Mai Chau Le
Tiziana Di Donato
Toitures PME inc.
Tommaso Marcantonio
Tommy Cacioppo
Tomra Canada inc.
Tony Fournier
Toshiba du Canada Limitée
Total Métal Récupération
Tracy Bibeau and Marc Bibeau
Traffic Tech
Transat A.T. Inc.
Transport Gariepy Canada inc.
Transport Scolaire Élite
Transport scolaire Sogesco Inc.
Trevor Hare
Tricon Container & Cargo
Triple D Distribution
Trium Immobilier
Trois fois par jour Inc.
Trudell Medical International
TSX Inc.
Tu Anh Anne Nguyen
Tu Quan Ta
Tuy Hoa Ly

UBS Asset Management (Canada) Inc.
Uniboard Canada Inc.
Unik Payments
University of Toronto

Valérie Déziel
Valérie Duchesne
Valerie Elleron
Valérie Labreche
Valerie Lepine
Valleyfield Metal / Division Auto Rebuts Valleyfield
Valmont Samuel
Van Nghiem Nguy
Van Pham Thi
Vanessa Coiteux
Vanessa Jasmin-Lortie
Ventilabec Inc.
Véronic Charette
Véronique Gagnon
Viateur Chénard
Vicki Labbé
Vincence Tremblay
Vincent Biello
Vincent Denommé
Vincent Dionne
Vincent Godin
Vincent Joli-Coeur
Vincent Lemieux
Vincent Morin
Vincent Picard-Dufresne
Vincent Savigny
Virginie Cléroux
Vlad Zolia
Vu Kha Dinh
Vu-Bien Pham

W. Kassouf
Walter Capital Partners Inc.
Walter Surface Technologies International
Wanda Garabatos
Warren Silversmith
Wassim Ibrahim INC
Weed Man Montreal
Wieslaw Bartoszewicz
William J. Atkinson
William Latter School
William Roy
William Samson-Doel

XPND Capital
XYCO Investments

Yacine Et Charlotte
Yael Levy
Yanick Gervais
Yanik Masson
Yann Lavallée
Yannic McNicoll
Yannick Bergeron
Yannick Denis
Yasmine Defouni
Yolanda Mancini
Yolande Bhérer
Yolande Lamothe
Yolande Miron Poissant
Youcef Djait
Yvan Brodeur
Yvan De Repentigny
Yvan Paquette
Yves A. Lefebvre Designer Inc.
Yves Blaney
Yves Carle
Yves Caza
Yves Chamberland
Yves Dansereau and Nathalie Bélanger Dansereau
Yves Devin
Yves Dubeau
Yves Fallu
Yves Forest
Yves Gagné
Yves Lamoureux
Yves Lauzon
Yves Prud’homme
Yves Simard
Yves Tardif
Yves Taschereau
Yves Théoret
Yves Thibodeau
Yvette Lauzon Fitzgibbon
Yvon Jacques
Yvon Lavigne
Yvon Lavoie
Yvon Legault
Yvon Loiselle
Yvon Rochette
Yvonne Lyn

Zakuta Family Foundation
Zeina Yared
Zham Qiang Shu
Zhen Zeng
Ziad El-Chaar

2964-2097 Québec inc.
2970-2784 Québec Inc.
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4072383 Canada Inc.
440 Ford Lincoln
8917914 Canada Inc
9020-1450 Québec Inc.
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9431-1164 Québec Inc.
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9509291 Canada Inc.
48 anonymous

Our Inspiring Young Philanthropists

Young Leaders Circle


Catherine Sharp
Chloé Teasdale

Winter Triathlon

Catherine Sharp
Nicolas Croteau

Organizing Committee
Alexa Teofilovic
Caroline Des Rosiers
Christopher Houle
Christopher Tossounian
Claudia Gourde
Frédérique Bovet
Harman Sihota
Julie Massicotte
Laura-Michelle Marcogliese
Louis-Charles Filiatrault
Martin Tzakov, CFA
Nicolas Cournoyer
Romy Proulx
Stéphanie Limoges Ratté

Julie du Page
Mathieu Roy
Sébastien Benoit

Majors Sponsors and Partners
Axium Infrastructure
Banque Nationale
Intact Financial Corporation
Stikeman Elliott S.E.N.C.R.L., s.r.l.

The Sainte-Justine Halloween Hunt

Kasandra Côté
Madeleine Roussel

Organizing Committee
Alexie Amyotte
Emmanuelle Sansfaçon
Jean Baram
Jean-Yves Beaudoin
Joanie Babin

Jo-Annie Pinto
Julie Laurin
Kader Mahieddine
Mathieu Lapointe
Maude Lussier-Bourque
Mélanie Robitaille
Millésime Group
Nicolas Moughabghab
Pierre-Antoine Simoneau
Shanie Poliquin
Sophie Rouleau-Verville
Thomas Regnier
Valérie Archambault

Presented by
National Bank of Canada

Principal Partners
Axium Infrastructure
Innocap Investment Management Inc.
Intact Financial Corporation
Quebec Iton Ore
Stikeman Elliott LLP

Major Partners
McCarthy Tétrault Foundation
Rinox Group

Goods Sponsors
Air Canada Foundation
Brasseur de Montréal
Coca-Cola Canada Bottling Limited
Courchesne Larose Ltd and the Routhier Family
Dose Juice inc.
Golf Avenue
Groupe Dynamite Inc.
Groupe Marcelle
Nomade Cycle
Panda Boxing Montréal
Roi des Noix
Studio EPIX
Vegpro International Inc.
Vitali-T Healthy Snack inc.

RBC Race for the Kids

Presented by
RBC Foundation

Our CHU Sainte-Justine’s Dedicated Colleagues

Academic Funds – Donations From Our Doctors

Bourses de Fellowship en soins intensifs pédiatriques
Fonds académique André Lamarre, Service de pneumologie
Fonds académique Benoit Morin, Service d’orthopédie
Fonds académique de cardiologie
Fonds académique de microbiologie et immunologie
Fonds académique d’endocrinologie
Fonds académique des maladies infectieuses
Fonds académique du Département d’anesthésie
Fonds académique du Département de chirurgie du CHU Sainte-Justine
Fonds académique du Département de gynécologie-obstétrique
Fonds académique du Département de psychiatrie
Fonds académique du Département d’ophtalmologie
Fonds académique du Service chirurgie générale pédiatrique
Fonds académique du Service de dermatologie
Fonds académique du Service de gastro

Fonds +C3656académique du Service de médecine physique et de réadaptation
Fonds académique du Service de néonatalogie
Fonds académique du Service de neurochirurgie
Fonds académique du Service d’hématologie-oncologie
Fonds académique du Service d’oto-rhino-laryngologie
Fonds académique en dentisterie pédiatrique
Fonds académique en imagerie médicale
Fonds académique en urgentologie
Fonds académique Guy Geoffroy, Service de neurologie
Fonds académique Irma-LeVasseur, Département de pédiatrie
Fonds académique Louis Dallaire pour le développement de la génétique
Fonds académique Thierry Bonnin, Service pédiatrie générale
Fonds pour l’amélioration de la santé de la mère et de l’enfant en Haïti
Fonds scientifique pour la recherche du Service de pneumologie

Our Faithful Annual Campaign Donors

The Cachou Tournament for Sainte-Justine

Organizing Committee

Charles Nadeau
France-Élaine Duranceau

Honorary Chair
Réal Bouclin

Committee Members
Annie Lapointe
Charles Guay
David Ferrante
Étienne Dubuc
Isabelle Héroux
The Honourable Michael M Fortier, PC
Michael Ross
Nicolas Bélanger
Rémi Racine
Stéphane Maisonneuve

Honorary Patrons
Avanade Canada inc.
Behaviour Interactive inc.
Courchesne Larose Ltd and the Routhier Family
Matrox Graphics Inc.
The Honorable Michael M Fortier, PC
Osler, Hoskin & Harcourt LLP
Petra Group Ltd.
Power Corporation of Canada
Raymond Chabot Grant Thornton LLP
RBC Foundation
SFL Wealth Management
Toronto Dominion Bank

BMO Financial Group
CAE Inc.
Le Groupe de Sécurité Garda inc.
National Bank of Canada
Réseau Sélection Développement Inc.

Goods and Services Sponsors
Krispy Kernels
André Desmarais
Champlain Financial Corporation (Canada) Inc.
Château Taillefer Lafon
Club de hockey Canadien inc.
Coca-Cola Canada Bottling Limited
Courchesne Larose Ltd and the Routhier Family
Domaine Roy et fils
Air Canada Foundation
Ferreira Café
Les collections Shan inc.
Lumenpulse Group Inc.
Pop Spirit
Robert Charlebois
Roméo’s Gin
TAG e-Karting Amusement

Sainte-Justine Tree of Lights

Official Broadcaster
Rythme FM, a Cogeco Diffusion Station

Principal Partner
Metro Inc.

Media Partners
Attraction Numérique
Bell Média
Journal Métro
Neo – Out of Home
Outfront Media Canada LP
Ricardo Media Inc.
Société Radio-Canada
The Beat 92.5
The Weather Network

Corporate Partners / Sponsors
Altona Diagnostics
Cogeco inc.
Dr. Sylvestre and her family
Habitations Atlas
Hilo Énergie
MEGA™, part of the Mattel® family
Québec Blue Cross

Collaborating Partners
BLVD 102.1 FM
Fédération des établissements d’enseignement privés
Grande Studios & Lighting
Groupe La Guérilla inc.
Guay inc.
Médialliance inc.
Philippe Richelet, Studio FLORIDA
Publicité Sauvage
Rodéo FX inc.
Roy-Turner Communications inc.

Sainte-Justine Youth Tree of Lights

Organizing Committee

Luc Plante

Committee Members

David Bowles
Dominique Delhaes
Frédéric Desjardins
Geneviève Beauvais
Jasun Taparauskas
Jaziel Petrone
Marc Desgroseilliers
Mark Passaretti
Maxime Charlebois
Myriam Stephens
Patrice Daoust
Ronald Trudel
Véronique Boulet

Catherine Brunet
Djammy Charles
Dr Michel Lallier
Laurent Tessier
Pascal Morrissette

Participating Schools

Académie Antoine-Manseau
Académie des Sacrés-Coeurs
Académie internationale Charles-Lemoyne
Académie Louis-Pasteur
Collège Boisbriand
Collège Bourget
Collège Charlemagne
Collège Charles-Lemoyne – Campus Longueuil – Saint-Lambert
Collège Charles-Lemoyne – Campus Ville de Sainte-Catherine
Collège Citoyen
Collège d’Anjou

Collège de Montréal
Collège Durocher Saint-Lambert – Pavillon Durocher
Collège Jean de la Mennais
Collège Jean-de-Brébeuf
Collège Jean-Eudes
Collège Letendre
Collège Notre-Dame-de-Lourdes
Collège Sainte-Anne de Lachine
Collège Sainte-Anne, préscolaire-primaire
Collège Saint-Hilaire
Collège Saint-Joseph de Hull
Collège Saint-Maurice
Collège Saint-Paul
Collège Saint-Sacrement
Collège Stanislas de Montréal
Collège Trinité
École Jacques-Leber
École Lucien-Guilbault
École Montessori International Blainville
École Saint-Joseph (1985)
École secondaire Mont-Saint-Sacrement
Externat Mont-Jésus-Marie
Externat Sacré-Coeur
Fondation Collège Jean-Eudes
Gestion d’actifs Burgundy
McGill immobilier Inc.
Pensionnat du Saint-Nom-de-Marie
Pensionnat Notre-Dame-des-Anges

Corporate Partners / Sponsors
Burgundy Asset Management
McGill immobilier / Engel & Völkers

Mois des Câlins de Sainte-Justine

Presented by
Jean Coutu Group (PJC) Inc.

Principal Partner
Clarins Canada

Official Broadcaster
Rythme, a Cogeco Diffusion Station

Media Partner

Fundraising Pages / Event Organizers

Alexandra Essiambre’s cookies sale
Alexia Roy St-Jaques fundraising
Andréa and Gabriela anniversary
Andréanne Lavallée’s fundraising
Anna Baggio’s fundraising
Bain Ultra Inc.
Bereskin & Parr LLP
Bye Bye Allergies
Carmela & Santa’s Workshop
Caroline Durand’s fundraisng
Caroline Gaudreau’s fundraising
Dankooz Golf Tournament
Défi 120 km de Laurence Juneau
Défilé de l’Espoir
Encan du Groupe La Relève
Fay Sabourin’s fundraising
Fondation Charitable Richter
Fondation Optimiste des Enfants Canadiens
Parkland Corporation
Fonds Édouard Boivin**
Fonds Espoir
Fonds philanthropique Antoine
Fonds William Déziel
Fundraising for the 50th anniversary of Annie Lemieux
Fundraising in honnor of Samy El-Fara
Gala des petits bedons**
Grossesse Dépannage
Greek Orthodox Ladies Philoptochos Soc. St Nicholas
Perfomax Mécanique Générale
Groupe de Musique IMTL Inc.
Halloween Haunted yard
Henri Gagnon-O’neill’s fundraising
In honor of Héloïse
In honour of Anthony Alberga
In memoriam of Shrimpie Aldridge
In memory of Léo Martineau
In memory of Luce Dufour Charron
In memory of Manon Pelletier
In memory of Toumaï
International Cup Kids playing for Kids
Interns at National Bank Financial Wealth Management fundraising
Jade Mathieu’s fundraising
Jean de la Mennais College students’ entrepreneurship project
Justine Bouchard’s fundraising
Kirkland Oldtimers Hockey League
Kurling for Kids
La course Joanna Comtois
La Garnison Forteresse Impériale’s fundraising
Laurence Poissant Chagnon – Collecte de fonds
Le Centre d’excellence en soutien à Bébé Lonzo
Le Kiosque
Le Tricheur
Lemonade sale
Long & McQuade Musical Instruments
Maison Mamie Clafoutis
Marathon de Thomas
Métiers de l’acier – Local 711
Mont-Brunet High School students’ entrepreneurship project
Music 4 Cancer
Myriam Houle’s Birthday
Ocean Group inc.
PGA Tour – Presidents Cup
Pierre-Alexandre Chabot’s fundraising
Piscines Tropicana ltée
Priscilla Brianti’s fundraising
Raymond James Canada Foundation
RBC Charity Day for the Kids**
Résidence des Bâtisseurs Chambly
Romain’s Birthday
Roulons pour les jeunes
Stéphane Paré et Sylvain Gaudet’s fundraising
The Million Reasons Run (SickKids Foundation)
The Mount Royal Challenge for Sainte-Justine
Vanessa Signoracci’s fundraising
Vente de chocolat de Maria Montebruno
Wedding of Ann Bouthillier & Daniel M. Lalonde

Sainte-Justine Campaign

Amazon Canada
Azelis Canada Inc
Belden Canada inc.
Bell Canada
BMO Groupe Financier – Banque de Montréal
Fonds de bienfaisance des employés de Rheinmetall Canada
Fonds de charité des employés de la Ville de Montréal
Intact Financial Corporation
Les Systèmes Cisco Canada CIE
Pepsico Canada ULC
RBC Groupe Financier
Rio Tinto Fer et Titane
Syncreon Canada Inc.
UK Online Giving Foundation
Veolia Water Technologies
Ville de Repentigny
Zurich Canadian Holdings Ltd.


Our Forward-Looking Donors

Future Fund Members
Alain Poitras
André Fortin
Andrew Griffin and Véronique Papineau
Annie Dumont and Kevin Desgroseilliers
Annie St-Onge
Antonio Barretta
Benoit Dion
Bernard Moreau
Bertrand Poirier
Carol Drolet
Carole Sergerie
Carolyn Amero
Catherine Lowe and Stéphane Legendre
Céline Legault
Céline Rouleau
Chantal Prévost
Christian Labelle and Benoit Laguë
Christine Bélanger
Claire Boivin and Camille Dugré
Claudette Blais
Claudette Gascon
Colette and Vincent Mailhot
Daniel Lambert
Daniel Laprise
Danièle MacKinnon
Danielle Brown
Darcia Labrosse and Pierre Lévy
Denise La Salle
Denyse Chouinard Ravary
Denyse Pilon Peuchrin
Diane Fabi
Diane LeFrançois
Diane Provost
Diane St-Jacques
Dr. Jacques Charles Ducharme
Dr. Jacques Lacroix
Dr. Suzanne Lépine
Dre Sophie Laplante
Édith Bouthillette
Élyse Tétreault and Pierre Gauthier
Fernande Boisclair
France-Élaine Duranceau, CPA, LL.M. Fisc.
Francine Bédard
Francine Joly
Francine Martel and Yvon Goyette
Francine Pépin
Francis Olivier
François Rochon
Ghislaine Castagner Carrière and Jacques Carrière
Gilbert Choquette
Gilles Lachance
Gilles Touchette
Ginette Desautels
Gisèle Lesage
Guy Bélair
Guy Duchesne
Guy Froment
Hélène Crôteau
Hélène Mercier Roeger and Dr. Anton Roeger III
Hélène Sabourin and Robert Blain
Henri Lafrance
I. Contant
J.A. O’Neil Côté
Jacinthe Jolicoeur
Jacqueline B. and Claude Bergeron
Jacques Audet
Jacques Lagacé
Jacques Rioux
Jacynthe Vallée
Jean Fuschino
Jean-Jacques Paquin
Jean-Marie Cosson
Jeannette Duranleau and André Blanchard
Jeannine Poisson
Jean-Paul Beauchesne
Jean-Paul Plamondon
Jessica Welch and François-Charles Sirois
Jocelyne Nassar
Karine Paradis and Vicente Amati Calderon
Kenny Tang, A.V.C.
Liette Chartrand
Lise Alepins and Normand Alepins
Lise Leblanc
Louis Girard
Louise Brunet
Louise Champoux-Paillé and Louis Paillé
Louise-France Paris
Lucie et Pierre Boivin O.C., C.Q.*
Lucie Besner
Lucie Gagné
Lucie Tanguay
Lucie Vaillancourt
Lydjie Tremblay
Lyette Soucy
Lyse Gaudette
Madeleine Corriveau Jutras and Clément Jutras
Maï Tabbara
Marianne Montandon
Marie Béliveau and Pierre Genest
Marie Gauthier and Denys Chouinard
Marie Lapointe

Marie-France Geoffroy
Mariette Gélinas
Mario Denis
Marlène Bérubé
Marlène Bouchard
Martin Beausoleil
Martine Dubé
Mary Anne Ferguson
Michel Decelles
Michel Demers
Michel Devault
Michel Dicroce
Michel Houle, CPA
Michel Naud
Michèle Rousseau
Micheline Duranleau and Germain Gaucher
Michelle Allard
Michelle and Raymond Boucher
Mireille and Louis L. Larivière
Monick Lauzon
Monique and Guy Cherpillod

Legacy Funds
Chaire J.A. DeSève en nutrition
Fonds Boizard en recherche
Fonds Brigitte Bournival et Benoit Poitras
Fonds Claudette Hachez
Fonds Danielle Richer
Fonds de recherche Cécile Bissonnette
Fonds Espoir Joanna Comtois
Fonds Fernande and Claude-Lise Richer
Fonds François Armand Mathieu
Fonds Hommage « Prix Jacques Lacroix »
Fonds hommage Gaétan Massicotte
Fonds hommage Roger Poirier
Fonds Irène Filiatrault en médecine de l’adolescence
Fonds Maëlle Adenot
Fonds Max Marcus Schwartz
Fonds Michel Kabrita
Fonds Nussia & André Aisenstadt
Fonds Pierrette et Simone Champoux
Fonds Shérine Khalil
Fonds Simone et Pierrette Champoux
The Barbara Godwin Jones Memorial Fund
The Hilda Ruth Wynne Endowment Fund

Donations Upon Death (Bequests and Life Insurance)
2 Anonymous
9316-2584 Québec Inc. Maison des encans St-Laurent
André Trudeau (The Estate of)
Claire Côté ((The Estate of)
Claudette Sylvain (The Estate of)
Édyth Champoux (The Estate of)
Éliane Richard (The Estate of)
Émile Guy Manseau (The Estate of)
Étienne Poitras (The Estate of)
Fiore Fonda (The Estate of)
Françoise Asselin (The Estate of)
Gabriel Cyrenne (The Estate of)
Georges Vigneau (The Estate of)
Georgette Paquin (The Estate of)
Gérald Boyer (The Estate of)
Germaine Lavigne Gosselin (The Estate of)
Gisèle Larose (The Estate of)
In memory of Pierre Levasseur
Jacqueline Charbonneau (The Estate of)
Jacqueline Gosselin ((The Estate of)
Jacqueline Pouliot (The Estate of)
Jacques Nadeau (The Estate of)
Janine Mamet (The Estate of)
Jean Laperle (The Estate of)
Jean-Marc Vary (The Estate of)
Jean Martineau (The Estate of)
Jean-Marie Drouin (The Estate of)
Jean-Maurice Tremblay (The Estate of)
Jean-Pierre Bélisle (The Estate of)
Jean-Raymond Bélair (The Estate of)
Lucille Fontaine Wakefield (The Estate of)
Marcel Beaudry (The Estate of)
Marcel Poitras (The Estate of)
Marcelle Grenier (The Estate of)
Marcelle Vaillancourt (The Estate of)
Margaret Russell (The Estate of)
Marie Rose Naud (The Estate of)
Marie-Josée Chrétien (The Estate of)
Marie-Marthe Caron (The Estate of)
Marie-Thérèse Martel (The Estate of)
Marthe Lafortune (The Estate of)
Maurice Jacques (The Estate of)
Maurice Monette (The Estate of)
Mélitta Rudolph and Roger Roch (The Estate of)
Micheline Thivierge (The Estate of)
Jules Arbec (The Estate of)
Nil Phaneuf (The Estate of)
Olyve Laliberté (The Estate of)
Pauline McKibbin (The Estate of)
Rachel Chapdelaine (The Estate of)
Robert Frenette (The Estate of)
Roger Brisson (The Estate of)
Roland Lafleur (The Estate of)
Stéphane Migneault (The Estate of)
Yvon Roy Fund at the Foundation of Greater Montreal

In Honour Of / In Memoriam

In Memoriam
André Gauthier
Béatrice Guertin
Camille Jean
Claudel Gaudreault
Colette Brodeur
Danny Richard
Denise Labrèche
Diane Brulotte
Ève Beaulieu-Dussault
Flore Cordeau
François Lafrance
Gérald Séguin
Gilles Ladouceur
Hélèna Lessard
Helga Pacher
Henriette Gagnon
Isabelle Ouellet
Jean-François Pleau
Jean-Louis Leduc
Jeanne D’Arc Girard
John Zatylny
Josette Beaulieu
Jules Lajoie-Marion
Julie Beaupré
Katherine Berdnikoff
Léa Durand
Linda Guay-Falk
Linda Ouellette
Lorraine Hartmann
Louis St-Onge
Louise Cousineau Desmarais
Louise Guérin
Lucie Deschênes
Madeleine La Boissière Thibodeau
Marcel Binette
May-Jeanne Lanoue-Deshais
Michel Benoit
Mohib Zaklama
Monique Meloche
Nicole Morin Grenier
Nicolo Milioto
Patricia Morin
Paul Massicotte
Paul-Émile Rochon
Pierre Vaillancourt
Réjean Nadeau
René Veilleux
Richard Beaudry
Rita Berlinguet
Robert Hervieux
Robert Pépin
Roland Ayoub
Rose-Aimée Bélanger
Ryan Desgroseilliers
Shane Boucher
Sonia Martel
Stanley Stein
Thérèse Blais Chaput
Thérèse Fortin
William Déziel
Yvette Paré
Yvon St-Jacques
Yvon Tardif

Monique Jackson
Monique Senécal
Nancy Pelletier
Nathalie Gagnon
Nelly Zanetti
Normand Godin
Omer Langlais Jr.
Pascal Forget
Pierre Cossette
Pierre Desroches, A.V.C.
Pierre Marc Charron, CPA
Pierre Y. Pelland
Raymond Dault
Raymonde Denault
Réal Bonenfant
Réjane Garceau
Renée Bourgeois
Rita Beauregard
Robert Noury
Robert Richer
Roxane Lefebvre and Tony Roy
Samiha Abounouar
Sébastien Hally
Serge Bélisle
Shahira and Magdi Khalil
Simone Racette
Solange Villeneuve
Sophie Baillargeon
Sophie Blouin
Susan Labrecque
Suzanne Boutin
Suzanne Douville, CPA
Suzanne Malouin
Suzanne Violette and Pierre Bédard
Sylvie Brisson
Sylvie Dafonséca and Gaston Proulx
Sylvie Gaumond
Sylvie Laberge
Sylvie Lalonde
Sylvie Lizotte and Martin Fecteau
Sylvie Plante
Sylvie Prince
Sylvie Ross
Dion-Côté Family
Yolande Amyot and Pierre Payette
Yvette Pilon
Yvon Boyer
100 Anonymous

In Honour Of
Alexandre Grégoire
Annie Béliveau
Claire Létourneau
Claude Mercier
Dr. Mathilde Hupin
Karim Moore
Kevin Rochon
Laurent Saia
Noah Blier
Pierre Brunet
Thomas Christopher Shapcott
Victoria Roy

*Thank you to the donors who have made a commitment to the Healing More Better Campaign.  

With your support, the teams at Sainte-Justine can think bigger, reach higher and do more. Because of your commitment, excellence in pediatric health knows no bounds. Thank you for helping us bring this mission to life.