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CHU Sainte-Justine Research Centre: This year’s recruits

The CHU Sainte-Justine Research Centre is Québec’s largest mother-and-child research facility and the second largest Canadian centre for pediatric research. It is recognized as a world-class institution, proudly affiliated with the Université de Montréal. 

The Centre is a leader in several areas of pediatric medicine, including cancer, rare disease, genetics, obesity, neuropsychology and cognition, scoliosis and rehabilitation, applicated clinical research, and newborn and maternal health (fertility, high-risk pregnancy, fetal-maternal pathologies and others). 

Strategic recruiting efforts are ongoing to attract top researchers and clinician-scientists whose profiles align with the excellence the Research Centre is known for. The seven new researchers welcomed to the fold between April 1, 2021 and March 31, 2022 are talented recruits from around the world. Their start-up funding was provided, in part, by the CHU Sainte-Justine Foundation.  

  • Cristina Longo – Infectious Diseases and Acute Care research axis 

  • Nadia Roumeliotis – Infectious Diseases and Acute Care research axis

  • Michaël Sauthier –
  • Infectious Diseases and Acute Care research axis.

We are pleased to have them with us and offer them our support in bringing their research to fruition.  

CHU Sainte-Justine Foundation grant and scholarship recipients 

The Foundation makes funding available to the best and brightest candidates to ensure they have access to the vital training opportunities. 

The following individuals were selected by a committee based on their academic qualifications, past prizes and awards, publishing credentials, and the nature and potential scope of their research.  


  • Karine Doiron, supervised by Serge McGraw

  • Faegheh Ghanbari Divshali, supervised by Despoina Manousaki

  • Jessica Poletto Bonetto, supervised by Anne Monique Nuyt

  • Daniel Vosberg, supervised by Tomas Paus


  • Nickolas Auclair, supervised by Emile Levy

  • Mia Brunetti,  supervised by Morgan Craig

  • Ophélie Collet,  supervised by Sylvana Côté

  • Eve Marie Dansereau-Laberge, supervised by Catherine Herba

  • Dominique Dupont, supervised by Miriam Beauchamp

  • Mathilde Foisy Sauvé, supervised by Emile Levy

  • Mathieu Fornasier-Bélanger, supervised by Dave St-Amour

  • Patrick Ntantu Nkinsa, supervised by Maryse Bouchard 


  • Delphine Aubin, supervised by Sarah Lippé

  • Elisabeth Audet-Duchesne, supervised by Sarah Lippé 

  • Rachel Dufour, supervised by Linda Booij 

  • Eloi Guarnieri, supervised by Sophie Tremblay 

  • Yara Maalouf, supervised by Anne Gallagher 

  • Arsenii Prozorov, supervised by Jannic Boehm 

  • Lupann Rieger, supervised by Nicolas Dumont 

  • Christopher Savoie, supervised by Roger Lippé 

  • Yasmine Zerroug, supervised by Catherine Herba 


  • Jonathan Charron, supervised by Sylvie Girard (master’s program for medical students, summer 2022)

  • France Côté, supervised by Sylvain Chemtob (recruitment scholarship)

  • Alexandra Langford-Avelar, supervised by Serge McGraw (recruitment scholarship)

  • Jeremy Watts, supervised by Patricia Conrod (recruitment scholarship)

This 2021–2022 group is active in a wide range of disciplines, namely epigenetics, gastroenterology, biomedical engineering, hepatology, quantitative translational medicine, metabolomics, neuroscience, neuropsychology, nutrition, psychology, and fetal, maternal, and neonatal pathologies.