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Every Month, You Gave From the Heart to Support Sainte-Justine!

Like Marie-Claude and Guy A Lepage, many of you have signed up to give monthly to Sainte-Justine, and we could not be more grateful. This win-win arrangement lets you plan your contributions over the course of year for as long as you’d like. You are part of a family of donors dedicated to having a regular and lasting impact on children’s health. For the Foundation, your monthly donation represents a steady source of income and lower administrative costs, so we can make every dollar count even more. 

Knowing her monthly contribution will go toward advancing research means the world to Marie-Claude. In July 2020, the teams at Sainte-Justine began treating her son Elliott (now three years old) for a germ cell tumour near his lower spine, turning their lives upside down in the process. But Sainte-Justine was there, ready, willing and able to do everything it took to save his life. 

I owe my son’s remission to medical science. My personal experience showed me just how important research really is. Your life can change overnight, and when it does, it is reassuring to know your child is getting the best care. It warms my heart to make a donation every month, at a level that suits my budget. 



In 2016, Thomas, the son of Guy A Lepage, went into septic shock caused by a staphylococcus aureus infection. Six months later, he was diagnosed with Kawasaki disease. Thomas recovered from both, thanks to the swift action taken by the teams at Sainte-Justine. Guy A has been effusive in his gratitude ever since.  

He became a monthly donor without a second thought. Through this commitment, he can stay connected with the community, continue to express his appreciation for the work done by the teams and help meet their ongoing needs. 

Monthly gifts not only make giving easier for you, but they also have a real and lasting impact on our ability to be a steady source of support for Sainte-Justine, month after month, year after year. You are making a tangible difference!