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The Inspirational Power of Your Generosity: Planned Giving

As they were talking about estate planning with their financial advisor and how they wanted to make giving back to the community part of their legacy, Roxane and Tony decided to designate the CHU Sainte-Justine Foundation as the beneficiary of a life insurance policy. After a lifetime of giving back to a variety of charitable causes, they want their sense of social engagement, and their love of family, to live on. 

We are grateful for everything we have in life. Lots of people aren’t so lucky. That’s why there are organizations out there who help those who are more vulnerable. We can contribute to them today and keep contributing tomorrow. Thinking about your death when you’re still in your prime isn’t the most cheerful topic but turning it into something positive has made things easier and even quite uplifting. 

Roxane Lefebvre and Tony Roy


Roxane, Tony, and their children are pleased to be making a significant contribution to the health of future generations. 

To all of you who, like them, have opted to have a meaningful and lasting impact on society through planned gifts, we are extremely grateful. Planned gifts are any donations made from a financial, tax or estate planning perspective. They include bequests and gifts of life insurance.